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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Pieta, Graceland, Mystery Science Theater 3000 ...

This week: South Korean debauchery with 'Pieta,' Mystery Science Theater brings the snark with Vol. 27, and revisiting an early Ang Lee masterpiece. ► In South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk's PIETA , a sicko hitman who relishes roughing up non-payers gets a change of heart when he meets a...
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Review: Pieta

PLOT : A vicious loan shark gets a visit from a woman insisting that she is the mother that abandoned him years before. As he and this mysterious stranger connect, he begins to realize that he must change the life that he leads no matter what the cost. REVIEW : In the first few minutes of PIETA there is a bizarre suicide and a young man f*cking his pillow. Needless to say this is a...
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Watch the trailer for controversial Korean crime drama Pieta

PIETA, which beat THE MASTER for the grand prize at last year's Venice Film Festival, is finally getting a North American release thanks to Drafthouse Films . Despite getting acclaim across the globe, PIETA failed to qualify for the Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and is just starting to get some buzz here in the States. From this trailer, it seems to share a...
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