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Amazon grants full seasons to The Tick and other new pilots

I love The Tick. With his goofy speeches, bumbling heroics, and deranged smile, who can resist his charms? In fact, who doesn't love The Tick? Puppy stompers? No, because even they aren't that cruel. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the new TICK reboot from Amazon is getting a full series order. While it had a divisive pilot (hewing darker than any of its previous incarnations), I...
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Check out some intriguing 2013 television pilots from JJ Abrams, Shawn Ryan, Steven Spielberg, and more

Pilot season is one of the most interesting times of the year, especially these days with the quality of television shows being as high as they are. While the majority of shows that have pilots made never make it to series, it is always fascinating to see how many ideas could have changed our entertainment lives. Entertainment Weekly has compiled a huge list of the shows being...
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