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Get to second base with a new Pitch Perfect 3 trailer

Arguably the single most popular acapella-themed movie trilogy ever comes to a close this holiday season and will deliver everything you could want in an explosive finally. Like, seriously there are mad explosions in this movie. There's all the singing and dancing and double entendres, and then there are explosions. Why? Well, the new trailer may not answer the question, but...
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Catch all of last week's biggest trailers with this exclusive compilation

Last week was a HUGE week for theatrical trailers hitting the internet. I'm not kidding. On this end, our writers were working furiously to get those trailers out to you as soon as humanly possible, and much of the footage did not disappoint.  Today, rather than having you click here, there, and everywhere else, we've put together a cool compilation of last...
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Pitch Perfect 3 trailer has singing, dance numbers & explosions

This holiday season will be filled with sci-fi epics and adventure flicks like STAR WARS and JUMANJI, but some people may want to swap out that hold-on-to-your-seat action for a little toe-tapping-in-the-aisle flair.  Those folks will surely be flocking to the theaters to see PITCH PERFECT 3, and if the first trailer promises anything it’s that they can expect the same...
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The pitches are back in first poster for Pitch Perfect 3

Awwwwww yyyeaaaaah! Ya’ll ready for some more of that acapella insanity? Get your hands up! Seriously, hands up, I need to get a tally for the books. One…two…three – hands high, please – four…five. Okay, it seems like there are a reasonable amount of you who are indeed excited about the acapella action PITCH PERFECT 3 will surely deliver, and to...
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John Lithgow joins the cast of Pitch Perfect 3

Production on the third installment of the PITCH PERFECT series kicked off earlier this month with just about every member of The Barden Bellas returning for more, and now it seems that they'll be joined by none other than the Trinity Killer himself. Variety reports that John Lithgow has signed on to join the cast of PITCH PERFECT 3, and although I'm sure we'd...
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2017 Universal Studios Preview

2016 was not a bad year for Universal Studios. Benefitting greatly from their partnership with Illumination Entertainment, Universal rode the box office hits THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS and SING to $1.4 billion at the domestic box office. While JASON BOURNE did well at the box office, films like THE HUNSTMAN: WINTER'S WAR and WARCRAFT failed to kickstart the franchises the studio was hoping for,...
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2017 20th Century Fox Preview

20th Century Fox is riding high after a massive 2016 that featured their breakout hit DEADPOOL. While not receiving quite the critical acclaim of that film, Fox still managed to make money on X-MEN: APOCALYPSE as well as the long awaited sequel INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. Fox also banked on their collaboration with DreamWorks Animation with hits TROLLS and KUNG FU PANDA 3. All of this...
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Pitch Perfect 3 begins filming; adds Prince protege to the cast

The PITCH PERFECT movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they have their audience, with the sequel making too much money for its own good (even besting MAD MAX in their debut weekend! ). So, as is the way of the past, present and future, a third movie is on the way and nothing will change that. If you need further reminder of that here’s Instagram to do the honors....
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Andy Allo, protege to legendary rock icon, Prince, joins Pitch Perfect 3

Fun Fact: When I was little I used to perform to the music of Prince while atop a stage in a pub called Decks located in Rocky Point, New York. It was nothing untoward, I assure you. In fact, I used to bust out some pretty fancy footwork to “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Party Man”, and “Kiss”. Today, it was announced that Prince protégé, Andy...
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XXX's Ruby Rose joins the ensemble of Pitch Perfect 3

PITCH PERFECT 2 is one of those sequels that did inexplicably disgusting business compared to the original. Like, how-on-God’s-earth-did-this-do-that-well kind of business. Needless to say a third entry is on the way, but even if the series isn’t your cup of tea the threequel just got undeniably more badass. Word is that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK standout Ruby Rose is...
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Universal pulls Pacific Rim 2 from schedule, fills it with Pitch Perfect 3

Earlier this afternoon Guillermo Del Toro once again reiterated that his sequel to PACIFIC RIM has not been cancelled, but merely postponed. That postponement became very real today as Universal Pictures announced that they have removed PACIFIC RIM 2 from their release calendar. The sequel was previously occupying August 4, 2017 , but Universal was quick to fill the date with PITCH...
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Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson set to return for Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017

Just last week we found out that, surprise surprise, Universal would be moving forward with a sequel to PITCH PERFECT 2 with the that film's screenwriter, Kay Cannon , being sought to draft the third movie. The first film took in $115 million while the sequel has shattered that with a worldwide box office of just over $260 million, which should rise even more as the film has only...
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