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Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist is back, baby!

Oh my God, this is exciting news! DR. KATZ, PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST is coming back! Hell yeah! If you don't remember the show, it was a cartoon (utilizing SquiggleVision) that ran on Comedy Central from 1995-2005 that followed a balding, monotone doctor (the eponymous Dr. Katz, voiced by stand-up comedian Jonathan Katz) who talked to other comedians and celebrities about their...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Our Halloween Recommendations! The Campaign Reviewed! Tons of TV Round-Up!

JoBlo's Halloween Bash! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Jimmy O joins the show to celebrate Halloween for another year. With him he brings the tale of douchebaggery while trying to watch the re-release of HALLOWEEN. All of us try to figure out why modern film audiences are such hipster assholes. When Jimmy calms down he gives us...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Katie Featherston talks PA4! Reviews of PA4, Seven Psychopaths, Taken 2, & The Walking Dead!

The Fantastic, Katie Featherston! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Jam-packed and epic, The JoBlo Movie Podcast welcomes Katie Featherston to the show as she talks about her return to the big screen in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 with Jimmy O. Then Law and Jimmy have a SPOILERIFIC discussion about the film and why that happened and...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Steven Bauer talks Werewolves! Argo Reviewed! Simon Pegg's Latest!

Steven Bauer talks Werewolves, Breaking Bad, and Scarface! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Johnny Moreno sits down with SCARFACE alumni, Steven Bauer to talk about his latest film, WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US, his time spent on 'Breaking Bad', and the often overlooked TRAFFIC. Moreno doesn't do one Tony Montana impression....
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Director Kurt Kuenne! Homeland & Dexter Return! Smiley Reviewed!

Dear Zachary Director, Kurt Kuenne Talks Shuffle! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Jimmy O sits down with Kurt Kuenne, the man behind one of the most powerful documentaries of the last decade (DEAR ZACHARY: A LETTER TO A SON ABOUT HIS FATHER), to talk about his new film SHUFFLE (available now on DVD and Netflix streaming). Law...
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JoBlo Podcast: We Get Rocked by Sons of Anarchy & Looper! Reviews of Moonrise Kingdom, Red Lights, & Rock of Ages!

Looper: Easily Top 5 of the Year! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Law and Moreno are back together for another passionate look into whatever the f*ck is going on with 'Sons of Anarchy'. They also declare LOOPER one of the best films of the year (even if they do nitpick the ending), review Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM, Robert...
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