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Mortal Engines from producer Peter Jackson gets release date

Man, I love me some Peter Jackson . I appreciate his ability to transition from splatter films and borderline puppet porn to Oscar-winning dramas and Oscar-winning fantasy epics . I even have a super soft spot for his KING KONG remake (some spotty effects aside, that movie is f*cking awesome). Now he's producing a new film called MORTAL ENGINES, based on a series...
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Zorro is getting a post-apocalyptic reboot

We've heard about a Zorro reboot for a while now, but it looks like producer and Sobini CEO Mark Amin REALLY enjoyed MAD MAX: FURY ROAD as he's now producing a post-apocalyptic reboot for the masked man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zorro Reborn will be a post-apocalyptic take on the hero that will be set in the near future with the man taking on tyrants and the like....
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Gary Oldman, Shia LaBeouf & Kate Mara join post-apocalyptic film Man Down

Does Gary Oldman have a thing for movies that are set after the whole world has gone to shit? Variety is reporting THE BOOK OF ELI and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES star has been cast in the post-apocalyptic thriller MAN DOWN , and the site has also learned Shia LaBeouf and Kate Mara will star in the film as well. Dito Montiel (A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS,...
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Cool Videos: Check out this kick-ass fan made Fallout movie

I have always been a fan of the FALLOUT video games. The first two PC games were a major cause for lack of dates back in high school. The most recent game, FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS, took the story to new heights cinematically and yet the franchise has never made the jump to the big screen. You would think a post-apocalyptic action series would be a natural fit for Hollywood to adapt and yet...
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Mama director Andy Muschietti to helm the post-apocalyptic film Bird Box

MAMA has performed very well (it's almost at $100 million worldwide on a budget of only $15 million) so you knew it wasn't going to be long before director Andy Muschietti signed on to a new project. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive that Muschietti is in negotiations to direct the sci-fi movie BIRD BOX. The film will be an adaptation of the unreleased novel (it's set to be...
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Could fan favorite series Jericho get a second life on Netflix?

I will preface this story by saying I have not ever seen an episode of JERICHO, partly because I avoid anything broadcast on CBS since I am under the age of 50. With that being said, the fandom behind the series seems to rival that of Joss Whedon 's FIREFLY and BUFFY contingent. When the show was initially cancelled after one season, fans banded together and shipped 20 tons of nuts to...
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