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The 3D TV market suffers another blow as ESPN 3D shuts down

Every time I have mentioned my disdain for 3D conversions in articles I am met with opposition for a small group of Schmoes who tell me I have not experienced the quality of a 3D television. They all proclaim it to be a better movie experience than seeing the 3D in a theater. Well, I have seen 3D television, both on Blu-ray and cable broadcasts, and I am still unimpressed. 3D still...
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The Fantastic Four reboot lands a 2015 release date, and Fox announces four films will receive post-conversion to 3D

We haven't heard much in the way of anything regarding Fox's reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR since they locked down director Josh Trank (CHRONICLE) Josh Trank officially directing The Fantastic Four" href="../movie-news/fox-officially-sets-chronicle-director-josh-trank-on-fantastic-four-joe-cornish-on-rust-and-david-slade-now-off-daredevil-reboot" target="_blank">back in the summer. But...
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