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Fall 2017 TV Preview

Unfortunately, summer has ended, and along with it, summer blockbusters. No more regretting the movies I missed (War for the Planet of the Apes) or regretting the movies I saw (The Dark Tower). No more regrets! Hollywood has given us plenty to be excited about, and for free (Suck it, Regal). With more and more directors and producers leaving the film world to explore the freedom of television,...
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2017 20th Century Fox Preview

20th Century Fox is riding high after a massive 2016 that featured their breakout hit DEADPOOL. While not receiving quite the critical acclaim of that film, Fox still managed to make money on X-MEN: APOCALYPSE as well as the long awaited sequel INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. Fox also banked on their collaboration with DreamWorks Animation with hits TROLLS and KUNG FU PANDA 3. All of this...
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2017 Sony Preview

Sony still seems to be reeling from the aftershocks of their email scandal a couple of years ago. With the prospect of losing the James Bond franchise to another studio and only two films that crossed the $100 million mark at the box office this year, including the controversial GHOSTBUSTERS and the critically maligned THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, Sony is hoping that 2017 will be a chance for them...
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2016 Top 25 Summer Movie Preview (+video)

It's funny, to me it almost feels like the summer movie season has already started, with BATMAN V SUPERMAN arguably having kicked-it-off in March. With that and THE JUNGLE BOOK grossing nearly a billion bucks, the whole idea of people only really going to movies in the summer has fallen by the way side, and to me this upcoming season is a reflection of that as it doesn't seem all that more...
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2016 Warner Bros. Preview

Warner Bros. had a hot/cold year at the box office, but ultimately finished on a high note with hits like MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, SAN ANDREAS, and AMERICAN SNIPER pushing them well into the green (with SNIPER raking in more than double of what FURY ROAD and SAN ANDREAS made). CREED was also a surprise contender, as was GET HARD and THE INTERN which did decent business. However, flops like PAN,...
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The 2015 Fall Movie Preview

Now that the bang, pop, and sometimes fizzle of the summer box office is at a close it's time to gear up for the fall roll out, which bears some carry over of summer spectacle, but way more of your golden trophy contenders. This fall sees a number of high-profile titles and we narrowed down our list to the Top 25 that we're most excited to see. From sequels to adaptations to rejuvenated...
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Well, we've got another summer in the books, which was full of ups, downs, crashes, burns, and a few surprises. While many of us thought that AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON would be the clear winner in terms of box office and entertainment, we ended up with dinosaurs, ants, spies, emotions, and post-apocalyptic warriors besting it in one category or another. The summer most definitely benefited from...
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It's finally upon us! Summer Movie Season! We've braved the storm that is the dump months of cinema and are now prepared for the onslaught of big-budget popcorn fare with a few sprinkles of laughs, scares, and drama to even it out. For a long time it felt like 2015 was going to be the year to end all years when it came to mega releases and it most definitely has a hell of a line up to get...
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2015 Disney Preview!

Disney had an absolute bang-up year for 2014, taking 2nd overall of the market share with 15.6% with $1.6 billion in ticket sales. Their Marvel films, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER were the top earners, with MALEFICENT and BIG HERO 6 adding to the fire. 2015 is primed to be their biggest year yet with the much-anticipated AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, a...
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2015 Sony Pictures Preview!

Well, Sony certainly had a tumultuous year in 2014, both at the box office and in the headlines. The studio took a massive beating from critics and fans alike for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, but evened things out with 22 JUMP STREET and THE EQUALIZER, taking 4th with 12.2% of the studio market share, netting $1.2 billion in ticket sales. With THE INTERVIEW controversy and hacking debacle...
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2015 Paramount Pictures Preview!

Paramount had a pretty good year for 2014, most notably because of some rampaging Transformers, a squad of mutated Turtles, and a Christopher Nolan space epic, taking 6th place with 10.2 percent of the Market Share and a box office total of just over $1 billion. This year sees a scaled-back roster with a few sequels, a few reboots, and some original entries to fill everything out. The most...
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2015 Universal Pictures Preview!

Universal had a decent year in 2014, having slipped a few spots from 2013's hold, taking 5th place in the overall market share with 10.8% and $1.1 Billion in ticket sales. NEIGHBORS and RIDE ALONG were their primary moneymakers, with LUCY and LONE SURVIVOR the only other films to crack $100 million domestically. However, 2015 has a much better looking line-up of films for the studio, including...
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