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Neill Blomkamp's Alien project has been put on hold

The ALIEN franchise, with the exception of PROMETHEUS, seemed dead and buried when Neill Blomkamp posted some rather intriguing pieces of concept art earlier this year for a potential ALIEN film which would see the return of Ellen Ripley. Although it was by no means official, Neill Blomkamp was able to use the public's reaction in order to get Fox interested in continuing the...
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Now Ridley Scott claims there are Ripley connections in Alien: Paradise Lost

We many never get Ridley Scott to shut up about PROMETHEUS 2... sorry, ALIEN: PARADISE LOST. Now that the cat is out of the bag about the title and the closer we inch toward him heading into production sometime next year , he wants to tell us all the things about the next movie whether we want him to or not. By the time he even puts this thing in front of cameras, it wouldn't...
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Ridley Scott confirms that Prometheus 2 will be his next movie

Earlier this month we found out that production on the PROMETHEUS sequel was hoping to get underway in January 2016 , which would seem to indicate that it would be Ridley Scott 's next film after THE MARTIAN. While speaking with Empire during THE MARTIAN press-tour, Scott confirmed that PROMETHEUS 2 would indeed be his next movie; in fact, he's already begun scouting for...
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Ridley Scott reveals what Harrison Ford thinks of the Blade Runner 2 script

While busy making the press rounds for his latest release EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS , director Ridley Scott revealed some interesting information when it comes to the sequel to BLADE RUNNER and a few words on PROMETHEUS 2. Last month we heard that the Scott would not be sitting in the director’s chair for the BLADE RUNNER sequel and instead he would be acting as a producer....
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Ridley Scott says Xenomorphs will not appear in Prometheus sequel

Although THE MARTIAN starring Matt Damon will be Ridley Scott 's next film, he's still planning on directing sequels to BLADE RUNNER and PROMETHEUS. In an interview with Yahoo! UK , Scott gave an update on the script for PROMETHEUS 2, and says he's looking forward to doing another movie. Right now, as we speak, it’s being written. I’ve had 15 drafts...
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Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels

One of the busiest directors working today doesn’t have a superhero or tween vampire movie under his belt; instead, Ridley Scott has a long list of classic movies spanning over five decades which he continues to add to. He also has a long list of movies he talks about making or hopes he can make; swings and roundabouts I suppose. He’s busy on this next effort EXODUS: GODS...
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Ridley Scott's next will be The Martian and where that leaves Prometheus 2

Back in May we let you know that Ridley Scott was in talks to direct THE MARTIAN with Matt Damon set to star an astronaut stranded on Mars trying to get home. Well it seems Scott has settled on the sci-fi picture as his next project. Speaking on Jeff Goldsmith's podcast recently, producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that THE MARTIAN will Scott's next project, and he is...
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