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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Alien Covenant Special

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Ridley Scott admits where he went wrong with Prometheus

Although Ridley Scott now seems to be quite invested in the ALIEN franchise, he wasn't always willing to embrace the series quite so completely. Although PROMETHEUS does take place in the same universe as ALIEN, the film set out to develop its own mythology and explore new ideas. Ridley Scott later said that the classic xenomorph wouldn't appear in any PROMETHEUS sequels,...
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Cool Videos: The Alien: Covenant trailer gets recut Prometheus style

Although I'm aware that PROMETHEUS has its share of problems, I'm still rather fond of the film and find myself revisiting it more often than I thought I would. Although the film itself may not have lived up to the unattainable hype which had built up around it, I still consider the highly effective trailers for PROMETHEUS to be among the best ever produced. The recently...
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Even more Alien: Covenant photos to whet your insatiable appetite

ALIEN has probably the best sequel ever (ALIENS). Besides that awesome title, ALIENS was a sequel that both successfully took the franchise to a new genre (action instead of horror), but also continued (and actually concluded) Ripley's story in a believable and satisfactory way. Which is ironic that the ALIEN franchise is also famously known for having shitty sequels (the overly...
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Alien: Covenant will take place ten years after Prometheus

At the end of PROMETHEUS, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw ( Noomi Rapace ) and David ( Michael Fassbender ) take off in the Engineer's ship in search of the Engineer's home planet. While you might assume that the sequel would pick up not too long afterward, you'd be wrong. Collider recently sat down with Janty Yates, Ridley Scott 's long-time costume designer who has worked on...
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Ridley Scott may have changed the name of his Prometheus sequel yet again

Ridley Scott certainly enjoys talking about his upcoming sequel to PROMETHEUS, and the director's latest soundbite on the subject includes yet another title change for the film. Per The Playlist , Scott sat down at the AFI Film Festival to discuss his career and naturally, the discussion soon turned to his involvement in the ALIEN franchise. The PROMETHEUS sequel has most...
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Spectre's John Logan brought in to revise script for Alien: Paradise Lost

ALIEN: PARADISE LOST, the upcoming sequel to PROMETHEUS, is aiming to begin production next February, but not without a few revisions to its screenplay. Jack Paglen (TRANSCENDENCE) was originally brought in to pen the sequel's script, after which Michael Green (GREEN LANTERN) was hired to rewrite Paglen's draft. Now Variety reports (spotted by /Film ) that John Logan...
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Damon Lindelof explains why he scrubbed the Alien references from Prometheus

Before Damon Lindelof arrived to rewrite PROMETHEUS, the first script by Jon Spaihts originally contained a lot of ALIEN references which wouldn't surive to the completed film; in fact, Damon Lindelof felt that Spaights' script functioned as more of an ALIEN reboot/prequel which is apparently why he decided to ditch most of those ideas in his rewrite. Damon...
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Rebecca Ferguson in talks for The Snowman; also in the mix for Prometheus 2

There were several breakout stars to emerge this year, including Rebecca Ferguson of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION. Studios were scrambling to get her involved in a variety of films but she ultimately decided to star in THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN alongside Emily Blunt . Now Deadline has the scoop on her next potential project saying that Ferguson is in talks to star opposite...
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Ridley Scott is adding a "new group of travelers" to Alien: Paradise Lost

You didn't expect ALIEN: PARADISE LOST to revolve solely around Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender 's head, did you? The two survivors left from PROMETHEUS capped off the last film having launched into space, in the hopes of reaching the Engineers' home planet and getting some answers. But when Ridley Scott picks up their trip in the sequel, which he aims to start shooting in...
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Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner 2, Replicants, and Prometheus sequels

It's gratifying to see that Ridley Scott 's THE MARTIAN has been receiving more praise than his last few films have, but the director won't be spending too much time celebrating as he's got two fairly large projects just over the horizon; a sequel to PROMETHEUS and a sequel to BLADE RUNNER, the latter of which will be directed by Denis Villeneuve . Despite not...
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Exclusive Cool Videos: A Celebration of Robots in Cinema

Robots have long been a staple in film, from heroic ones like The Iron Giant, to less-than-friendly mechanical artificial agents (I'm looking at you, T-1000), and Christopher Chang rounded up some of his favorite 'bots, cyborgs and androids for this exclusive celebratory mashup video. Maybe a few of them don't technically fall under the definition of a robot, but it's...
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