Shane Black promises a faithful yet more cerebral version of Doc Savage

With IRON MAN 3's huge box office, Shane Black is finally getting the chance to make his dream project a reality: the DOC SAVAGE movie. The pulp fiction character is INDIANA JONES meets James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. He has not had a proper studio adventure in decades and has floundered in development hell until Black finally got him on track at Sony . That was back in May...
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Shane Black says he is back to work on his Doc Savage movie and it may be his next film

With IRON MAN 3 already looking like a guaranteed blockbuster, director Shane Black will now have a blank check to pursue projects he had difficulty getting off the ground before. One of those is the long in development movie of the old DOC SAVAGE pulp novels and radio dramas. The last we heard of Black's attempt to film DOC SAVAGE was way back in 2010 . But, during press for IRON...
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