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Logo revealed for Netflix's The Punisher series

The Punisher was part of the trifecta of young Damion's favorite superheroes - alongside Spawn and Batman. I obviously had a type. As I've gotten older, I've grown a bit away from The Punisher, but I still think he's a cool character, especially in the context of a world where super-powered beings and aliens exist (otherwise, he's just "generic action guy"). So I'm excited to see what...
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Rosario Dawson will not reprise her role for Netflix's The Punisher series

Well, this is a bummer. As it says in the headline, Rosario Dawson will not be returning as Claire Temple in Netflix's THE PUNISHER series. Dawson has been a mainstay in all the other Marvel shows on Netflix previously, and she's usually a highlight (and in IRON FIST, arguably the only good thing in it). She'll definitely be missed. However, it makes sort of sense. Maybe she...
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The Punisher Netflix series gets a bullet-riddled poster

One of the most exciting elements to come out of DAREDEVIL season two was the inclusion of The Punisher, played with cool stoicness and ferocity by Jon Bernthal . Fans loved his interpretation and depiction, especially the fact they had him murdering folks like a mo-fo. Now he’s getting his own solo series, a series for which a sweet fan poster was made, to the point where I...
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Microchip & more cast in the new Punisher series from Netflix

The Punisher is a hero that I seem to love more in theory  than in execution, alongside other "dark" and "badass" heroes like Ghost Rider and Spawn. While I love the edginess and coolness of these characters, I've always been disappointed by their respective films, and a lot of their comics. However, there is hope! I really enjoyed HBO's animated...
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Ben Barnes cast as villain in Netflix Punisher series

Looks like things are starting to heat up on the long-rumored Netflix PUNISHER series. When Jon Bernthal's tortured take on the character first appeared on DAREDEVIL season 2, fans were immediately clamoring for him to have his own solo series. While I haven't watched the DAREDEVIL series myself, of what I've seen of Bernthal's take, I'd say that I'm a...
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Wrestling biopic Crossface coming from director Lexi Alexander

I don't know much about wrestling. I mean, I respect it (while fake, it still takes athleticism to pull off), but it's just not my thing. I did enjoy the WWE Smackdown games though, but only because you could create your own characters. Like having Mario wrestle Batman for the title belt. Or being able to beat the shit out of your friend by proxy This brings us to...
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The Coolest Collectibles from the Con! (Comic Con 2016)

San Diego Comic-Con is no doubt filled with everything cool and geeky, from creators, artists, filmmakers, panels, art, screenings, cosplayers and the big show of Hall H. But, beyond all of that, the convention floor has, in my opinion, the absolute best aspect of Comic-Con; the collectibles. Figures, statues, apparel, replicas, and so much more, it's a smorgasbord of shelf-space...
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Awfully Good: The Punisher (1989)

Did you enjoy Frank Castle on the second season of Netflix's DAREDEVIL? Here's another version of the character to give a shot…   The Punisher (1989)   Director: Mark Goldblatt Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett, Jr., Jeroen Krabbe   Having finished taking down the local mob, vigilante Frank Castle must...
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Daredevil takes on The Punisher in this season 2 featurette

Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Before Daredevil premieres tomorrow, go behind the scenes of the first great comic book face-off of 2016! Our review of the first episode is up (you can read it here ) and it...
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Witness the final trailer before season 2 of Daredevil hits this Friday

After the events of Season 1, Hell's Kitchen has calmed, but it's not out of the fire yet. An unknown vigilante begins to take the fight to the streets in a big and bloody way, prompting Matt Murdock to don the mask of Daredevil in order to stop him before innocent people end up in the crossfire. That's only the beginning as this final trailer illustrates!. I loved a lot of...
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Daredevil, Punisher & Elektra featured in new Season 2 poster & billboard

We're now less than two weeks away from the premiere of Daredevil Season 2, and Marvel has released a new poster for the soon-to-be-released season, featuring Charlie Cox 's Man Without Fear, Jon Bernthal 's The Punisher and Elodie Yung 's Elektra. As you'll see, The Punisher is finally sporting his trademark skull shirt, while Daredevil and Elektra's...
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New Daredevil Season 2 poster, plus Jon Bernthal talks The Punisher

With less than a month to go before the release of Daredevil Season 2, Marvel has released an awesome new poster for the forthcoming season fearing Jon Bernthal 's Frank Castle/The Punisher, as well as a great interview with the actor. But before we get to the interview, let's take a look at the new poster. Bernthal on if there were any real world things he...
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