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Exclusive Cool Video: James Bond Retrospective - The Daniel Craig Era

James Bond week continues here at JoBlo.com with our latest Exclusive Cool Video, which is a retrospective on Daniel Craig 's big screen outings as the tux-wearing British secret service agent. Some hardcore 007 fans weren't that happy when Craig was cast as Bond for CASINO ROYALE, however the actor ended up winning most of them over with his performance. And although...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Car Chases of the Last 30 Years

There can be endless debates about which films have had the best car chase sequences of all time. Last year, we even compiled such a list , but today we are bringing you a much different look at these scenes by narrowing the field to just the last three decades. You may think you can already predict which movies will make the cut, but you may need to think again. With the special...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Where is our next great American action film?

It seems like action movies from the U.S. these days just arenít all that great, you know? Aside from comic book adaptations, giant robots and Jason Statham vehicles, itís pretty slim pickings for an action junkie looking to get his rocks off cinematically speaking. The last great action movie I can think of at the top of my head is easily THE RAID: REDEMPTION and you can imagine...
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