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First look at Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in NBC's Peter Pan Live

Last year, NBC staged a live production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC starring Carrie Underwood and delivered huge ratings for the network. Their next live musical will be an adaptation of PETER PAN, a production popularized by the 1960 version starring Mary Martin. The NBC take will star GIRLS actress Allison Williams in the title role, but it is the inclusion of the immortal Christopher...
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Review: Solomon Kane

PLOT: A once-brutal warrior who has renounced his violent ways finds himself on a quest to save a young woman from a vicious and demonic army. REVIEW: SOLOMON KANE is a lot more enjoyable than it has any right to be. As straight-faced and noble as its title character, the movie could have played things tongue-in-cheek ala THE MUMMY, which would have been disastrous, but...
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