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PLOT : The Rapture is rough on everybody, but it is especially trying for a young woman who is struggling to survive her nutty family during the apocalypse. Things get way worse when good old Mr. Anti-Christ starts lusting after her with plans on using her for his own personal pincushion. Will she and her loyal boyfriend outwit this devilishly soon-to-be Satan dude? Our entire fate may...
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The red band trailer for Rapture-Palooza features Ken Jeong as God, Craig Robinson as Satan, and Anna Kendrick looking hot

There seems to be a lot of comedies focusing on the Apocalypse these days. This summer, we will get two in the Seth Rogen directed THIS IS THE END and RAPTURE-PALOOZA. While THIS IS THE END seems to be more of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS meets END OF DAYS, RAPTURE-PALOOZA looks like a combination of ZOMBIELAND meets THE STAND. This red band trailer for RAPTURE-PALOOZA turns up the profanity...
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