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Awfully Good: The Brothers Grimsby

Let's kick off the new year by looking back at one of the worst movies of 2016 . Also, Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration is next week, so it seems fitting to feature a film where he gets AIDS.   The Brothers Grimsby (2016)   Director: Sam Firstenberg Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Mark Strong's Fleeting Dignity...
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Pitch Perfect 3 begins filming; adds Prince protege to the cast

The PITCH PERFECT movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they have their audience, with the sequel making too much money for its own good (even besting MAD MAX in their debut weekend! ). So, as is the way of the past, present and future, a third movie is on the way and nothing will change that. If you need further reminder of that here’s Instagram to do the honors....
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Andy Allo, protege to legendary rock icon, Prince, joins Pitch Perfect 3

Fun Fact: When I was little I used to perform to the music of Prince while atop a stage in a pub called Decks located in Rocky Point, New York. It was nothing untoward, I assure you. In fact, I used to bust out some pretty fancy footwork to “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Party Man”, and “Kiss”. Today, it was announced that Prince protégé, Andy...
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XXX's Ruby Rose joins the ensemble of Pitch Perfect 3

PITCH PERFECT 2 is one of those sequels that did inexplicably disgusting business compared to the original. Like, how-on-God’s-earth-did-this-do-that-well kind of business. Needless to say a third entry is on the way, but even if the series isn’t your cup of tea the threequel just got undeniably more badass. Word is that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK standout Ruby Rose is...
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Step Up: All In director will bring the Bellas to glory in Pitch Perfect 3

Time to get your voice warmed up, acapella fans, because PITCH PERFECT 3 has found its new director. After news hit that PITCH PERFECT 2 director Elizabeth Banks had to drop out of directing the third flick , many aca-fans were worried they would never see the singing sensations back on the screen. But fear not, because STEP UP: ALL IN director Trish Sie is here to wipe away...
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Elizabeth Banks aca-departs the Pitch Perfect 3 director's chair

Sorry, PITCH PERFECT 3... But Elizabeth Banks won't be directing you anymore. After helming the second film and initially signing on for its follow-up, Banks has elected not to continue on in the director's chair for the third affair, leaving a bit of a vacancy at the moment for the project as to who'll be making it. The split is happening as a result of...
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Review: The Brothers Grimsby

PLOT : When a wildly inept football hooligan discovers that his long lost brother is a spy, he attempts to reconnect. In the process, he ends up risking both of their lives as they try to track down a deadly villain. REVIEW : Only a couple of months back, I lambasted the gross out comedy DIRTY GRANDPA. Yet, it had little to do with it being offensive or crude. It had far more to...
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We interview Sacha Baron Cohen about The Brothers Grimsby and more!

Sacha Baron Cohen needs no introduction. The man behind some of the most iconic comedic characters in modern times - Ali G, Borat, Bruno - is in the next stage of his career, which includes crafting new storylines for new absurd personalities. His latest film is THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY which focuses on Nobby Butcher, the beer-guzzling, football-loving hooligan from the town of Grimsby...
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New clips from The Brothers Grimsby bring both hilarity and pain

We're slightly over two weeks away from Sacha Baron Cohen 's latest offering of comedic debauchery, and while you've probably made up your mind as to whether THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY is going to be your cup of tea, Columbia Pictures have released a few new clips to give you a taste of the upcoming comedy. I'll admit to letting out a few chuckles at several of the gags...
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Review: How To Be Single

PLOT: A woman ( Dakota Johnson ) navigates the NYC singles scene with the help of her new best friend ( Rebel Wilson ), while her older surgeon sister ( Leslie Mann ) wrestles with a long-suppressed maternal urge. REVIEW: HOW TO BE SINGLE is a movie that desperately wants to be better than it actually is. Somewhere under the glitzy, studio exterior is the DNA of a decent comedy...
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Piss yourself with this brand new red-band trailer for The Brothers Grimsby

It's likely that you've already made your mind up as to whether or not Sacha Baron Cohen 's THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY is your cup of tea, but as we're a little less than a month away from the release of the film, Columbia Pictures has released a brand new red-band trailer highlighting the various spy antics and debauchery that Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong will be...
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See Sacha Baron Cohen's lust for women in these Brothers Grimsby clips

THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY finds two brothers reuniting after years of being apart. As it happens, one brother happens to be an agent from MI-6, while the other is just a football hooligan. That's the set-up for Sacha Baron Cohen 's latest, and now we have a few clips that give you an idea of what this movie's all about. Depending on how you like your comedy, that's either a...
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