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Top 10 Reboots We Really Want To See

Reboot has become a bad word to many. With a glut of lackluster recreations and reinventions of tired movie properties, fans have stopped caring about the same old stuff showing up on screen time and again. But, while some properties should stop getting remade, there are some films that deserve a fresh perspective. Here is our pick of the ten films that we really want to see get rebooted with...
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More Twilight and Hunger Games movies on the way, apparently

Yes, you read that headline right. Lionsgate is threatening more TWILIGHT and HUNGER GAMES sequels, possibly in the near future. Here's what Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer himself had to say about the matter: There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories...I’ve seen enough research to really...
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J.J. Abrams wants to stop rebooting your childhood

Whatever you think of J.J. Abrams as a writer/director, the man has nonetheless helped shape our current pop-culture landscape. From his dual reboots of STAR TREK and STAR WARS, as well as bringing new life to the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise, Abrams' wide-spread influence will continue to ripple on for years to come.  However, Abrams seems wary of continuing on...
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