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Eva Green prays away the demons in this clip from the Showtime series Penny Dreadful

I'm actually glad I forgot about the upcoming Showtime series, PENNY DREADFUL. When I saw that there was a new teaser, I immediately went to the official Facebook page for the show and hit "like" so I wouldn't make such a mistake again. What's cool about this series aside from everything is that Sam Mendes is the executive producer, Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE) will...
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Josh Hartnett is a big-haired cowboy on the set of Sam Mendes' Penny Dreadful

I'll be honest, the first thing that drew my attention to this story was this bizarre thumbnail of Josh Harnett . At a glance, he looked like he was cross-dressing, then when I clicked through to the actual article things got weird. Then as I'm scrolling through the pictures I see this teaser for an upcoming Showtime series called PENNY DREADFUL. Nice title, right? If a teaser...
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