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Darth Vader scene where he [SPOILERS] was apparently added in reshoots

I'm aware that most people and their grandmothers (and in some cases their grandmothers) all saw ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY already. But for the few of you who haven't, we're going to be going into SPOILER TERRITORY , so if you don't want the ending spoiled for you, don't continue after this point. Or do, this is a free country (for now, at least):...
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Star Wars Minute - Rogue One reshoots, Han Solo prequel film & more (video)

Strap in and make sure your hyperdrive is up to snuff as we venture through the Star Wars Universe in the span of a minute (more or less)! Here we'll discuss, celebrate, and poke fun at the latest and greatest news in a galaxy far, far away. You'll be all caught up before you can say, "Han shot first!", so sit back and enjoy this week's Star Wars highlights!...
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