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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: True Detective, Shadow Recruit...

This week: The creepy genius of 'True Detective,' another face for Jack Ryan, and Liam Neeson makes the skies safer. ► As we all waited for ‘Game of Thrones’ to return, HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE became our new national obsession for eight glorious, gut-wrenching weeks. As pulpy as...
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The dead return in this teaser for ABC's upcoming series Resurrection

As many TV shows return after the holidays, so will begin the advertising for the mid-season premieres. What used to be filler series for shows cancelled from the Fall, midseason series have evolved into shorter run shows with higher concepts. Last season we had shows like THE FOLLOWING and HANNIBAL premiere and turn into some of the more entertaining series of the year. This year, one...
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Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds to helm Gladiator-style Jesus Christ movie, Resurrection

Kevin Reynolds is best known for directing the epic disaster WATERWORLD starring Kevin Costner which sent him into filmmaking purgatory for quite some time. It was not until last year's History mini-series HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, also starring Costner, that he started getting some more projects. The next film the veteran director is attaching himself to is a religious drama that takes a...
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