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Life finds a way in trailers for Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal's Life

What’s better than one trailer for a movie? Two trailers for a movie! But not three. Three is just greedy. Nope, two is just perfect, and that’s how many we got for the new sci-fi thriller, LIFE, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal . The movie from director Daniel Espinosa (SAFE HOUSE, CHILD 44) and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (DEADPOOL, ZOMBIELAND)...
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Deadpool 2 writers are also working on the Zombieland sequel

Sure, DEADPOOL was a big hit and everyone is anxiously awaiting the upcoming sequel, but screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have another much anticipated sequel which they've been working on for quite some time: ZOMBIELAND 2. A sequel to the surprise zombie hit has been in the works pretty much since the first was released back in 2009 and, aside from a brief detour...
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Apparently that Zombieland sequel isn't quite dead yet

People are still talking about a ZOMBIELAND sequel? I thought we all agreed to let that one go awhile back. After all, the pilot for a TV series version of the concept couldn't get past the pilot stage over at Amazon, so you'd think that would've been the final nail in the coffin for more ZOMBIELAND and we'd all get on with our lives. You'd be wrong. In a recent interview on The...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Woody Harrelson

Last time on The Good, The Bad & The Badass , we took a look at the career of leading man Clive Owen , whose career has been revitalized thanks to his turn on TV's The Knick. This week's subject is another actor who's returned to the small screen now and again, and who's helping blur the lines between big and small-screen stardom ... Woody Harrelson...
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Paramount is in talks with D.J. Caruso to direct G.I. Joe 3

Several months ago, uber-Bond director Martin Campbell (GOLDENEYE, CASINO ROYALE) was rumored to be taking over the reigns of G.I. JOE 3 . While Campbell has been hanging around the TV arena since directing GREEN LANTERN, the man seemed like a solid choice to bring his style to the Joes. Well, it looks like we have another name to add to the list as word on the street is that...
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Martin Campbell is the top choice to direct G.I. Joe 3

From Stephen Sommers to Jon M. Chu to... Martin Campbell ? That may be the progression for the G.I. JOE franchise as a source claims the CASINO ROYALE and GOLDENEYE director is the studio's top choice to helm the sequel to G.I. JOE: RETALIATION. Yes, Campbell is also responsible for GREEN LANTERN, but that still makes him the most talented director associated with this franchise....
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Zombieland 2 breathes life again and hires a writer

One of the many sequels people are craving for seems to finally have some serious push behind it. Sony Pictures is getting behind another installment of ZOMBIELAND by hiring writer Dave Callaham (THE EXPENDABLES) to write the sequel. The script will be supervised by returning director Ruben Fleischer . It’s surprising it took this long to get it going considering the popularity...
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Dig that leaked Deadpool footage? The writer/producer wants your help!

DEADPOOL sounds like one of the greatest comic book films that's never been made. There's an audience for it and that was made abundantly clear when test footage was leaked showing the titular anti-hero in action via some nifty special effects and a performance from the Ryan Reynolds we all know and love (not this GREEN LANTERN/R.I.P.D. bullshit). There's a lot of hurdles in the way...
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G.I. Joe 3 on the way with a possible Hasbro crossover?

While G.I. JOE: RETALIATION may have been a step in the right direction in bringing everyone's favorite Joes to the screen, it wasn't exactly the blockbuster studios were hoping for. Grossing about $122 million domestically (just shy of it's $130 million budget), international numbers kept the film out of the red, but it was by no means Transformers money. Before the...
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Jon Chu talks G.I. Joe 3; responds to rumor about Channing Tatum returning as Duke

Director Jon Chu recently made a comment about Channing Tatum possibly being back for a sequel to G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, and in an interview with ComingSoon , he has responded to the rumor he accidently started. Like the last time the director talked about a third G.I. JOE movie, there is a spoiler below that some of you may want to skip. Just a heads up. Jon Chu was...
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Director Jon Chu says Channing Tatum might return as Duke for G.I. Joe 3

Do I really need to put a spoiler warning up for this news on a sequel to G.I. JOE: RETALIATION? It's probably not absolutely necessary, but if you didn't see the last film, you'll probably want to avoid the rest of this article. Don't say I didn't warn you. MTV News recently talked to G.I. JOE: RETALIATION director Jon Chu about G.I. JOE 3, and he...
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Snow White and the Huntsman writer will draft G.I. Joe 3

After the global box office success of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION ($372 million), Paramount is moving forward with a third chapter in the adaptation of the toy line from Hasbro. While the third film will see the return of RETALIATION director Jon M. Chu, a brand new screenwriter will be tasked with the project. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN writer Evan Daugherty will work on G.I. JOE 3,...
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