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Cool Videos: Crouching Tiger, Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is awesome. Whether it be the near silent British television series or his big screen outings in BEAN and MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY, Rowan Atkinson 's signature creation is a comedy masterpiece. If you aren't familiar, I suggest you go to YouTube right now and search Mr. Bean. For everyone else, you have got to see this. The latest in a series of Snickers commercials featuring...
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Cool Videos: The trailer for Love Actually 2 imagines the most violent romantic comedy ever

It has been ten years since LOVE ACTUALLY warmed hearts and entered permanent rotation for romantic comedy fans everywhere and in the meantime many have wondered when a sequel would happen to the ensemble flick. Well, with it looking unlikely to gather the same massive British and American cast again, some intrepid fans has assembled a what if trailer for the movie that may never be....
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Review: About Time

PLOT: A young man ( Domhnall Gleeson ) inherits a rare gift from his father ( Bill Nighy ): he can travel in time. He uses his gift to woo a young woman ( Rachel McAdams ) and change his life for the better. REVIEW: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Richard Curtis -land. This is a place where goodness thrives, money is never tight, and everyone- EVERYONE- falls in...
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Check out the trailer for Richard Curtis' time-travelling romcom About Time with Rachel McAdams

Fans of LOVE ACTUALLY and FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL can rejoice, as writer/director Richard Curtis is back with a new romcom that looks to be right in line with his sensibilities. ABOUT TIME, starring Domhnall Gleeson , Bill Nighy , Rachel McAdams , Lindsay Duncan , and Tom Holland er, is a romcom with a time-travel twist that at first glance may seem like an eye-rolling...
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