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C'mon Hollywood: Stop making lazy spoofs and parodies!

I want to be a filmmaker. After going to school and writing, editing and learning how lights and a camera work, I have made the choice to follow that passion for the rest of my life. Perhaps that's why seeing these parody films today is so enraging. Knowing that there are people out there getting to live their dream by making shit like A HAUNTED HOUSE and THE STARVING GAMES truly pains...
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Review: A Haunted House

PLOT: Two people move into a haunted house and proceed to act like jackasses while the filmmakers embarrass themselves. REVIEW: Where do jokes go to die? A HAUNTED HOUSE. No, that wasn't my own botched attempt at a joke, it's just a fact; this parody movie wouldn't know a clever joke, pun or sight gag if it happened upon one by accident. The brainchild of Marlon Wayans ,...
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The red-band trailer for Marlon Wayans' A Haunted House shows why you should never have sex with a ghost

The red band trailer is a wonderful thing. Quite often with a green band trailer you don't truly grasp the depth of an adult film because the nuances of the mature content cannot be relayed in a video for general audience consumption. Other times you just need a red band to share the dick jokes and f-bombs. A HAUNTED HOUSE was never going to be a classy affair, but it does look a lot...
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