"Rowdy" Roddy Piper - 1954-2015

Very sad news today folks; it was reported that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper , WWE legend and star of John Carpenter 's classic film THEY LIVE, has passed away after suffering a heart attack in his home. He was only 61 years old, far too young. John Carpenter and Keith David , who starred alongside Piper in THEY LIVE, expressed their condolences on Twitter: I'm...
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Actor and director Richard Attenborough has passed away at age 90

Legendary actor and director Richard Attenborough passed away today, presumably by natural causes at age 90. My generation may know him best as John Hammond in JURASSIC PARK or as Kris Kringle in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET . The icon was one of Britain's leading actors, before becoming a highly successful director. His career spanned six decades having appeared in movies like...
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R.I.P. Blockbuster Video 1985-2014

As technology changes faster and faster than ever before, things we have gotten used to being a part of our daily lives are gone forever: rotary phones, tube televisions, rabbit ears, and now the video store. Blockbuster Video, the biggest chain of movie rental stores in America, will be closing it's final 300 physical locations as well as it's Netflix style mail service at the beginning...
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RIP James Gandolfini

I am sad to report that James Gandolfini has passed away at the age of 51. The actor succumbed to a heart attack while in Italy. Gandolfini is well known for playing the role of Tony Soprano in HBO's popular mob drama, THE SOPRANOS. He's been on screen since the late 80s. One of the first films I ever saw him in was when he played Virgil in TRUE ROMANCE. He and Patricia...
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