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Top 10 Directors That Need To Make a New Movie

With Zach Braff's WISH I WERE HERE getting picked up for distribution at Sundance following a controversial Kickstarter campaign, it marks the actor's first film behind the camera in a decade. Whether the movie is any good or not, GARDEN STATE has a big cult following that will assure it is a hit at the box office. But Braff is not the only filmmaker fans have been clamoring for a new film...
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Zach Braff joins the Kickstarter movement to fund his feature Wish I Was Here

I've got a love/hate feeling toward crowdfunding , which stems from the recent VERONICA MARS movie being funded when the studio easily could've footed the bill. I feel that places like Kickstarter are best served to the independent filmmakers who want to make a film outside of the studio system and don't have the Hollywood resources to do so. Now, my views are being challenged, as Zach...
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