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Jonah Hill thinks the 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover won't happen

One of the more interesting tidbits to emerge from the Sony email hack back in 2014 was the revelation that they were considering a crossover between MEN IN BLACK and 21 JUMP STREET. Although it was a crazy albeit potentially interesting idea, I don't know how many people actually expected it to become a reality. Then, somehow, Sony actually began moving forward with the project...
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Exclusive: Mila Kunis will tear out your heart in this clip from Hell & Back

Mila Kunis has been ripping our hearts out for years now, so we may as well see her do it literally (albeit in animated form) in this exclusive clip from HELL & BACK, the new raunchy animated flick from the folks at Robot Chicken. The R-rated comedy stars Kunis, T.J. Miller , Michael Pena , Susan Sarandon , Bob Odenkirk , Danny McBride , and Nick Swardson , which...
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Hell and Back's red band trailer features farts and non-consensual hand love

It's not often that you see an R-rated stop-motion animated feature, but Shadow Machine's new film HELL AND BACK is definitely looking to fill that void. Nick Swardson and T.J. Miller lead HELL AND BACK, which comes from the same animation studio which produces Bojack Horseman and Robot Chicken, as two best friends who must make a journey to the underworld to...
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Phil Lord & Chris Miller will probably only produce 23 Jump Street

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a few projects in the works, which has led to some wondering if they will be back for 23 JUMP STREET. Miller provided an update on the 22 JUMP STREET follow-up during an interview with Slash Film at the Fox day for the Television Critics Association summer press tour (he was there representing The Last Man on Earth), and Miller says although he and...
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Bob's Burgers writers to pen female 21 Jump Street spinoff script

In April we brought you word that Sony had hired Broad Street scribes Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs for its female-led 21 JUMP STREET spinoff, however they won't be the only ones working on a script for the project. THR has learned Bob's Burger writers and producers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux have also been tapped to pen a separate script for the spinoff. The sisters...
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Monty Python messes with Simon Pegg in the trailer for Absolutely Anything

When you think of Monty Python, odds are you immediately think of quotes from any of their films or the iconic sketches from their television series. They are one of the most influential comedy troupes of all time and we only have four films to their credit. While ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING may not be a formal Monty Python project, it was written and directed by Terry Jones and features the...
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Broad City scribes reportedly tapped to write female 21 Jump Street spinoff

Tracking Board is reporting that Sony is developing a female-led 21 JUMP STREET spinoff, and Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs have been hired to write the script. Aniello also directed several episodes of the Comedy Central series, and Downs has appeared on it as Abbi's boss, Trey. The duo also wrote and directed the short films Emmy Training Day and Life...
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Frank West educates in the first trailer for Dead Rising: Watchtower

If you like movies based on video games then have we got a trailer for you! This also includes zombies so try to remain calm. It’s the first trailer for DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, Crackle’s original based on the popular series of games. The movie was written by Tim Carter (Mortal Kombat: Legacy), and stars  Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time),...
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Dumb and Dumber To producers want Jim Carrey for new comedy Deep Cover

Red Granite, the production company the helped get DUMB AND DUMBER TO released, is looking to team up with Jim Carrey again for a new comedy. Deadline is reporting Red Granite's Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland have picked up the pitch DEEP COVER from writer Johnny Rosenthal (who reportedly is also working on the script for BAD SANTA 2), and they want Carrey to star in the...
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Dumb and Dumber To Blu-ray coming with deleted scenes and alternate opening

Many consider DUMB AND DUMBER TO to be a massive disappointment. After waiting two decades for a sequel, fans were treated to almost the same jokes as the first film. But, were you really expecting much more than that? Even if you went into DUMB AND DUMBER TO with low expectations, this isn't STAR WARS or THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Regardless, DUMB AND DUMBER TO is one of those...
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Will this be the plot for the Dumb and Dumber To sequel?

Sequel talk isn't uncommon, even before a movie comes out, but it seems as though the Farrellys had a good time hamming it up with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as they seem pretty keen on returning to the world of Dumb and Dumber . Despite reviews not being so hot on this sequel taking place 20 years later (you can check out our review here ), the flick managed to rake in $38...
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Weekend Box Office Report: November 14-16, 2014

Dumb wins teh boks offiss! Low IQ laughs were the biggest draw for crowds this weekend, putting DUMB AND DUMBER TO at the top of the box office with an estimated $38 million ! The sequel reunited Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels for more moronic antics a full two decades after the first DUMB AND DUMBER became a surprise smash (nearly $250 million worldwide)....
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