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Arnold Schwarzenegger won't do Expendables 4 without Stallone

Another one bites the dust, so they say. Or in Queen’s case it was sung. What takes precedent sang or said? Huh. Anyway, last week we got news that Sylvester Stallone would not be appearing in EXPENDABLES 4 after some creative differences. The movie is still a go, just without its leading man. Well, now the bench of legendary action stars willing to go another round just...
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Sly Stallone confirms Expendables 4 will begin shooting this year

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but  THE EXPENDABLES franchise has proven it doesn’t f@cking matter because sometimes old dogs can roll over and fetch like nobody’s business. In other words, Sylvester Stallone and the gang continue to kick ass and blow junk up better than anyone working today, and they will continue to do so with the announced...
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Paul Verhoeven talks the Showgirls sequel that never was

I remember SHOWGIRLS being a big deal back when it first came out. First off, I was 15 years old - the perfect age to want to see Elizabeth Berkley , who I had known as Jessie Spano on SAVED BY THE BELL, naked. But secondly, society in America seemed to be losing their shit out the steps that needed to be taken in order to make an NC-17 movie as difficult as possible for people to...
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Expendables 4 will shoot next year to be released in 2017

Earlier this year, we received word that THE EXPENDABLES would be heading to TV . While that didn't completely rule out the possibility of an EXPENDABLES 4, I'm sure the bulk of us felt that was probably the case. Then Hulk Hogan announced that he had discussions with Sylvester Stallone about being a villain in the next EXPENDABLES movie . Well, Hogan might actually get...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Showgirls 20th anniversary tribute

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of SHOWGIRLS, and to mark the the occasion, we have another tribute video for you to check out. The Paul Verhoeven -directed NC-17 erotic drama opened to extremely negative reviews in 1995, and was a box office bomb, grossing a little over $20 million at North American theaters against a budget of $45 million. But the film went on to...
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Hulk Hogan says he'll be the villain in Expendables 4

Say what you will about the EXPENDABLES series, but it can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! THE EXPENDABLES 3 earned a modest $200 million worldwide and while that's not exactly the numbers they were hoping for, it looks like it was enough to have the series carry on in some form. Last we heard was that Sylvester Stallone would be bringing this template to Fox TV ,...
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Fox is bringing The Expendables to TV with Sylvester Stallone producing

When Sylvester Stallone introduced the world to THE EXPENDABLES, the idea was to assemble the biggest and best action film stars and unite them . . . with lots of guns. The results of the three films so far have been decidedly mixed, and while sequels are in various stages of development, it looks like the next step will be bringing this template to television. Fox will be developing...
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Exclusive "Total Action Package" featurette for The Expendables 3

This past summer Sylvester Stallone made a return to the action franchise he started in 2010 with an entry that brought in a nice batch of old dogs and a group of newbs that added some flair to the series. With so many action gods running around the set, it had to be a crazy experience for the young guns that joined in the fun, including Ronda Rousey , Victor Ortiz , Kellan Lutz ,...
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Sylvester Stallone is certain Expendables 4 will be rated R

There's no doubts that with a $40 million domestic gross , THE EXPENDABLES 3 was not the home-run Lionsgate and director Patrick Hughes were swinging for. Despite toting its most robust cast to date, the film underperformed its previous two installments by a pretty wide margin. So what was the fault? The PG-13 rating? The movie leaking online three weeks before the film's...
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Cool Videos: Terry Crews is the artist you never knew

To know Terry Crews is to love Terry Crews . The man can NOT be given a bigger role in the films he does play in and he always elevates the material. It's easy to see why when the man is so charismatic in real life. That may not come as a shock to anyone, but the fact that he has a great passion for art and initially sought a career behind the camera was a welcome surprise. Mr....
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4DX may prove to be the latest profitable theater gimmick

When James Cameron's AVATAR brought 3D back in a big, bad way, theaters took this as a sign to introduce even more to give audiences a novelty that was "not their grandfather's theater experience." You may have seen more wine & dine theaters and the introduction of D-Box, which is your equivalent of a ride simulator. Anyone wanna sit through TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF...
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What did you think of...The Expendables 3?

The third entry in the old-school action star franchise is now upon us and they've got some new young whippersnappers along for the ride as well as a very lenient PG-13 rating. Sylvester Stallone returns as Barney Ross, bringing along the same team from the last installment (minus Bruce Willis ) and adding some seasoned vets ( Harrison Ford , Wesley Snipes , and Antonio...
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