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Clive Standen gets a particular set of skills for NBC's Taken prequel

Clive Standen will look for you. He will find you, and he will kill you, especially if you kidnap his daughter. Standen, one of the stars of The History Channel's VIKINGS, has landed the lead role of Bryan Mills for NBC's TAKEN prequel series. Looking to modernize the property a bit from the somehow dated shoes that Liam Neeson once filled, the series would explore how Mills...
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Taken will live on; prequel series ordered by NBC with Luc Besson producing

Although Liam Neeson has said that he'd be willing for return for TAKEN 4, it feels like TAKEN 3 was our last look at Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills. However, we may not have seen the last of his character as Deadline reports that NBC has put in a straight-to-series order for a TV series based upon the action franchise. Taken will be a prequel series set in the modern day...
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Exclusive: Movie CliffsNotes - The Transporter

Before you plan on refueling for THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED this weekend (see our review here ) you can get caught up on the one that started it all with this month's Movie CliffsNotes, featuring the o.g. THE TRANSPORTER starring none other than Jason Statham. Revel in the absurdity and WTF dialogue from the fast-driving franchise that helped propel The Stath to stardom and defined...
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Cool Videos: Your perspective on The Karate Kid is about to change

We all know THE KARATE KID backward and forward. No, I'm not talking about that wretched Jaden Smith remake. I'm talking about the 1984 classic starring Ralph Macchio that taught us all about the value in waxing cars, painting fences and just about every last bit of housework you might be forced to get done on your weekends. Daniel-san was a hero to a lot of us...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Movie CliffsNotes - The Karate Kid

The latest installment of Movie CliffsNotes takes us back to one of the most notable films of the '80's: THE KARATE KID, starring Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elizabeth Shue, and William Zabka. Growing up, this was a film that was in regular rotation for me, right next to THE GOONIES, PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, THE DARK CRYSTAL, and ROBOCOP (yes, my parents were shitty at...
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Game of Thrones alum Ed Skrein will take the keys to The Transporter reboot

British actor Ed Skrein is taking the keys to THE TRANSPORTER franchise, which is moving forward without original star Jason Statham . The series will continue with Skrein in the lead role as the same character, Frank Martin/aka The Transporter, but will act as a prequel with plans to do three new films. EuropaCorp CEO Christophe Lambert commented on the casting, saying: “We...
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The Transporter 4, 5, and 6 will not feature Jason Statham

It looks like the role that made Jason Statham a star in North America is going to be getting the reboot treatment. THE TRANSPORTER franchise began back in 2002 after Statham had appeared in Guy Ritchie 's LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH, giving the gravel-voiced brit an action franchise all his own. Writer/producer Luc Besson would go on to make three films in THE...
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Forest Whitaker in talks to join Taken 3 alongside Liam Neeson

While TAKEN 2 may not have been as good as the original film, the band is staying together as Liam Neeson and director Olivier Megaton will reunite for TAKEN 3 with shooting tentatively set to start this March. Neeson may be joined by Forest Whitaker this time around, adding some additional star power to what was previously a one man show. No word on plot but expect to see Maggie...
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Liam Neeson nets a $20 million payday for his particular set of skills in Taken 3

Looks like Liam Neeson is doing some taking of his own for the next sequel in the TAKEN franchise as he's about to net $20 million to reprise his role as Bryan Mills, the CIA agent with a particular set of skills in TAKEN 3. The first film grossed $226  million worldwide (from a $25 million budget), while the sequel took in $376 million worldwide (from a $45 million budget), putting the...
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Liam Neeson's Taken 2 to slide down your chimney in digital HD in time for Christmas

If you happened to miss Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names in this fall's TAKEN 2, then get ready to bubble with holiday cheer as the sequel is being released early in digital HD on December 18, 2012, just in time to download on whatever new device you get from Jolly St. Nick. "America will wake up on Christmas morning to more than 16 million new connected devices under the...
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Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton to helm true story Taking Gotham about a secret anti-robbery squad of the NYPD

Olivier Megaton , who still has what is possibly the best name in the business regardless of his critical rep (which isn't good), is sticking with the dual themes of things being taken and the systematic hunt for said taken things for his next directing gig.  Hot off of the financial success of TAKEN 2, which made $363 million off a budget of $45 million, Megaton has signed on to...
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Cool Videos: SNL spoofs Taken and The Expendables featuring Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, and Steven Seagal

This past Saturday, SNL featured a trailer spoofing the recent successes TAKEN 2 and THE EXPENDABLES 2. With the new subgenre of revenge flicks seeming to be sticking around for a while, the skit show put together their own super team. The resulting squad features Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, Steven Seagal, and Mel Gibson. Arnold Schwarzenegger even pops up for a cameo....
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