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Review: The Lost City of Z

PLOT: A dramatization of real-life explorer Percy Fawcett's 20-year effort to find a lost civilization deep in the jungles of the Amazon during the early part of the 20th Century. REVIEW: "The jungle is hell, but one kind of likes it." That above quote is given by a character in James Gray 's THE LOST CITY OF Z and it may do the best job of summing up...
7 days ago
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Kristen Stewart in talks to survive earthquake aftermath in Underwater

With the trying times of the TWILIGHT saga long behind her, actress Kristen Stewart has since become something of a bad girl among the young Hollywood elite in recent years. Relentlessly unpredictable, and known for being outspoken about a myriad of topics both social and political, Kristen Stewart , in my estimation, is a walking time bomb, a spitfire, and now she's...
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A new and intense trailer for The Lost City of Z has been discovered

The exploration of uncharted territory is a hell of a thing. You can research the living daylights out of your journey to the unknown locale, but once you’ve arrived, there’s no telling what manner of danger and delights await you. Honestly, I’ve never fancied myself as the Indiana Jones type. Nah, I’d rather remain in the comfort of my own home, snuggled up...
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The jungle awaits Charlie Hunnam & Tom Holland in The Lost City of Z teaser

The jungle is a dangerous place, full of crocodiles, dangerous insects and flying spears. Well that last part may be a much more unique experience, but it was all too real for Percy Fawcett, a man who went exploring the for a lost city in South America and never returned. The story was turned into the massive book, The Lost City of Z, and now it’s now a movie of the same name...
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Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds are serious in space in Life poster

LIFE starring Jake Gyllenhaal , Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson is one of those movies where I have no idea how it’s gonna play out. We can either expect a middle-of-the-road sci-fi/action flick that will barely register, or a complex thriller set in space that will recall classics like ALIEN.  With that in mind the first poster for the movie has dropped, along with...
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Lionsgate chairman says more Twilight movies are a "possibility"

One of the greatest joys in my life was when the TWILIGHT series ended. I know a lot of people worked very hard on them, and the series has plenty of fans, but come on, the series has a lot in common with Michael Bay movies in that they made a lot of money, but you basically have to like them ironically or risk ridicule. But, like the monster that had a stake driven through...
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Werner Herzog has contacted Pamela Anderson about a possible movie role

Besides gracing its cover, Pamela Anderson was also interviewed by James Franco for the final nude issue of Playboy, and during their chat, Anderson said German filmmaker Werner Herzog has reached out to her about possibly appearing in an upcoming movie from the director. Well, first I thought, Holy crap, the man who directed Fitzcarraldo wants to meet with me! We had lunch...
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Cast This: The Crow

I think it's safe to say that THE CROW remake/reboot/reinvention has been in what the business refers to as "development hell" for a very long time. With the most recent news however, Relativity Studios attempt at capturing lightening in a bottle could actually be happening…sometime…eventually. It wasn't that long ago that the movie had a director in...
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Review: Queen of the Desert (AFI FEST 2015)

PLOT: The life of Gertrude Bell is examined as she traveled the deserts of the Middle East in the late 1800’s.  As an archaeologist and explorer, she became one of the most influential names in Britain’s history due to her knowledge and contacts made during her dangerous journeys. REVIEW: There is breathtaking beauty within Werner Herzog ’s portrait of...
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Tom Holland joins Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson in Lost City of Z

James Gray 's adaptation of David Grann's non-fiction novel "The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon" has finally kicked off production, but not before adding one more member to its cast. Tom Holland , our new Spider-Man, has joined Charlie Hunnam , Robert Pattinson , and Sienna Miller in LOST CITY OF Z. The film started shooting in Belfast...
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Kristen Stewart says she is still "endlessly f*cking proud" of Twilight

There are more than likely no hardcore fans of TWILIGHT out there amongst our readers but I would venture to guess who do have our fair share of haters of the vampire romance series. After half a decade of films, we finally got a year with no TWILIGHT film hitting screens, but we probably will never fully escape the shadow of the box office behemoth that begot FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and...
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David Cronenberg talks influencing Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot

Last month director Josh Trank and screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg shared a few new details on the THE FANTASTIC FOUR, and one of the things that raised a few eyebrows was Trank's comment about taking a "Cronenberg-ian" approach to the comic book movie. Trank specifically mentioned that David Cronenberg 's THE FLY and SCANNERS were big influences on the look...
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