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Bryan Fuller reveals new Star Trek series title and teaser (Comic Con 2016)

Comic Con saw a lot of retrospectives and celebrations yesterday including the monemental 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry 's Star Trek. Last Wednesday saw the world premiere of STAR TREK BEYOND outside of the San Diego Convention Center and today held a celebratory panel for all of the Trek franchises. In attendance for the panel were Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise),...
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Movie in a Nutshell: Star Trek Into Darkness

We give you the nuts and bolts of J.J. Abrams last Star Trek film, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, starring Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto , Benedict Cumberbatch (Khaaaan!), Zoe Saldana, John Cho , Karl Urban , Bruce Greenwood , Leonard Nimoy , and Anton Yelchin , breaking it down to its bare bones in order to get you caught up for STAR TREK BEYOND.
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Easter Egg Countdown: Star Trek (2009) Video

This week sees the release of Star Trek Beyond, the third installment of the newly rebooted franchise from director Justin Lin and starring Chris Pine , Idris Elba , Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto , Simon Pegg , Karl Urban , John Cho , and Anton Yelchin . For this episode of Easter Egg Countdown, we take a look at JJ Abrams 2009 kickoff to the new series with Star Trek! Beam up...
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Binge Watchin' TV Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Welcome to Binge Watchin,’ where we take a look at some of the best TV shows available on streaming or disc that have a great catalogue of seasons to jump into and get sucked into the beautiful bliss of binge watching! From crime, action, comedy, drama, animation, etc., we’ll be evaluating an assortment of shows that will hopefully serve as a gateway to your next binge...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Star Trek Into Darkness

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is the top grossing...
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Transformers spin-off focusing on Bumblebee set for 2018

We're on the verge of experiencing a flood of TRANSFORMERS films whether we like it or not; last year Paramount and Hasbro put together a TRANSFORMERS writers room in order to chart out the future of the franchise, which would include more sequels, spin-offs, and everything in between. Just this morning Paramount announced release dates for three TRANSFORMERS films which will keep...
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Paramount sets release dates for the next three Transformers films

Up until now, the general wait for a new TRANSFORMERS movie has been about 2-3 years. Given the insane amounts of money they bring in, this may come as no surprise, but Paramount Pictures is immediately stepping up their TRANSFORMERS game. They have issued a release date, not only for TRANSFORMERS 5, but for 6 and 7 as well. Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg will be back for...
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Gravity writer Jonas Cuaron to pen and helm new Zorro film

Jonas Cuaron is taking a crack at Zorro. Announced today, the GRAVITY writer is set to pen and direct the film simply being titled as Z, which will once again dive into the legendary masked character of Zorro. The Lantica Media and Sobini Films picture is also apparently ready to go, with principal photography lined up for this summer, although no future release date has been...
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J.J. Abrams expresses his frustrations about Star Trek Into Darkness

With the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS a mere two days away, J.J. Abrams is taking the opportunity to look back on his previous films. While speaking with Buzzfeed , Abrams spilled some details about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, SUPER 8, and STAR TREK, but he was most forthcoming about STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, taking full responsibility for what many call the worst of the Star...
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Damon Lindelof cops to Star Trek Into Darkness' Khan blunder

Apologizing for the mistakes of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS apparently is in vogue lately. First J.J. Abrams admitted that he may have used a few too many WRATH OF KHAN nods in crafting his sequel. Now Damon Lindelof is getting in on the action, copping to one of the problems fans always seem to take issue with - the Khan reveal itself. In an interview with Variety, Lindelof...
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J.J. Abrams says Star Trek Into Darkness had too many Wrath of Khan nods

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS may have received mostly high marks from critics and earned over $460 million worldwide, but many fans of the sci-fi franchise weren't too pleased with the sequel to the 2009 reboot. Director J.J. Abrams has already admitted that they should have been upfront about the real identity of Benedict Cumberbatch 's character, and during a "celebrity...
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Aziz Ansari talks turning down Transformers & racial diversity in Hollywood

People are often afraid to get their hands dirty talking about real issues. They don't want to say anything that might offend someone else or that might be misconstrued as negative, so they walk a fine line in order to make sure they play it safe and bring no extra criticism onto their careers. Comedians don't give a shit though. They are brutally honest all the time, speaking truth to...
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