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Amazon's Galaxy Quest revival back on track with Paul Scheer to script

By Grabthar's Hammer, it looks as if Amazon's GALAXY QUEST revival will be avenged, as plans for the Paramount Television-produced series are reportedly back on track. "Computer, what else can you tell us about the details of this news?" As the show prepares to move forward, a few changes have been made to the program's writing staff. At one...
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Amazon's Galaxy Quest project scrapped after Alan Rickman's death

By Grabthar's Hammer, we came really close to getting more GALAXY QUEST. Finding a home at Amazon Studios late last year , a GALAXY QUEST television series was in development with the hopes of bringing the crew of NSEA Protector to the streaming content provider. However, that project looks to have quietly faded away, following the death of Alan Rickman who played Alexander...
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Galaxy Quest TV series finds a home at Amazon

That GALAXY QUEST television series that we all got excited about earlier this year looks to have found a home. Amazon Studios is actively developing a series based on the 1999 fan favorite (and one of the better STAR TREK movies that exists), partnering with Paramount Television to make the idea into a reality. But being still very early in the process, there seems to be more...
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VHS Retro Art Round-up: Action Jackson, The Lost World, BMX Bandits and more

Every child of the 80s will remember going to the video store and trying to find a movie to rent. Back before the days of Blu-ray and On Demand, selecting a movie usually meant finding the flick with the coolest box art. Like modern posters, classic VHS art has been lost but thanks to the Internet there are countless reminders of these cool creations. This column will be dedicated to...
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By Grabthar's hammer! A Galaxy Quest TV series is in development

There have been a lot of movies getting the small screen treatment in recent months. Everything from MINORITY REPORT , EVIL DEAD , RESIDENT EVIL, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS , AMERICAN GIGOLO , SCHOOL OF ROCK, SHOOTER, and more. Whether these shows all come to fruition or not, the odds are they will not all be as good as HANNIBAL, BATES MOTEL, or FARGO. But, if there is one series adaptation...
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We're getting a Galaxy Quest sequel in the form of a comic book

A few weeks ago we shared some news regarding a sequel to the 1999 cult favorite GALAXY QUEST which basically told us the cast of the movie is game for a sequel. I think a lot of us are ready for one but sadly today’s news is not announcing such a revelation. Instead, a GALAXY QUEST sequel is coming in the form of a comic book. IDW Publishing already released a GALAXY QUEST...
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The cast and crew of Galaxy Quest are ready for a sequel

GALAXY QUEST has truly become a cult classic among Sci-Fi enthusiasts. While it did "okay" at the box office ( $71 million on a $45 million budget ), the movie has garnered a following over the years, and that's because the filmmakers were aware of the absurdities that people go along with when it comes to Science-Fiction. STAR TREK and STAR WARS are inherently cheesy, but we love it for...
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"We are meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?" ~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button As 2013 draws to a close, we here at want take a moment to honor some of the people who sadly passed away this year. Our deepest respect goes out to everyone in the industry we have lost, and our thoughts and prayers are...
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