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Wonder Woman's Jason Fuchs to pen script for Andy Muschietti's Robotech

A live-action adaptation of 80's anime series Robotech has been in the works for a decade, but a revolving door of studios, directors, and stars have kept the project from gaining much traction. Sony Pictures aquired the rights to the series over two years ago and set James Wan (THE CONJURING) to direct, but Wan later departed to take the helm of AQUAMAN. The studio then snagged...
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It director Andy Muschietti to helm an adaptation of Robotech for Sony

In case the promise of PACIFIC RIM 2 isn't enough to scratch your itch for big-screen mechanized robot combat, it's been announced that Andy Muschietti, the director of the highly-anticipated remake of Stephen King 's IT, will follow-up his killer clown nightmare fuel with an adaptation of Sony's ROBOTECH. Muschietti’s creative partner...
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Director James Wan in talks for Robotech, but is he set to helm Aquaman?

Thanks to the success of FURIOUS 7, James Wan has become Hollywood's latest red-hot director, and Deadline is reporting Wan is in talks with Sony to helm a Robotech movie.The studio recently acquired the live-action film rights to the animated series, and while talks are still in the early stages, Deadline has heard that "Wan is all for the opportunity...
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Sony acquires rights to live-action Robotech movie from Warner Bros.

Last month we learned 300 and G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA scribe Michael Gordon had been hired to write the script for Warner Bros.' live-action ROBOTECH movie, but now Variety is reporting Sony Pictures has picked up the film rights to the animated series. Gordon will still pen the script for the adaptation, and Hollywood Gang's Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are also...
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Plans for a live-action Robotech movie have been revived

I suppose as long as we are bringing back ASTRO BOY , there's room for a live-action ROBOTECH movie. I have only seen a few episodes of the series that debuted in the 1980s, but for true fans I’m sure this has to have them more than a little curious. The idea for a big-screen version of the show has been floating around for years with Tobey Maguire attached to produce and...
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Warner Bros. finds a director for the upcoming Robotech adaptation

We have heard jack squat from the ROBOTECH adaptation. The last time we had a meaty story was 2007. They've been holding out on this for awhile. Warner Bros. have finally found a director to helm the project: Nic Mathieu. This will be the first feature for the helmer, who is known for the great CG in his commercials. Guess he gets to put some of those skills to use now. Akiva...
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