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Star Wars companion short Black Angel to get remade as a feature film

BLACK ANGEL, the short fantasy movie commissioned by George Lucas that screened in select locales before THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK during its theatrical run, is being remade as a feature length film. The 25-minute short was recently uploaded to YouTube, but was considered to be lost until it surfaced a few years ago. Original director (and one of the people who helped design...
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Cool Videos: Black Angel, a short which aired with The Empire Strikes Back

Over three decades ago a film known as BLACK ANGEL screened in front of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in several countries. Unfortunately the prints of the film disappeared and BLACK ANGEL was thought to have been lost; then, several years ago , a print finally turned up and the effort to restore the long-lost film was underway. BLACK ANGEL has since screened at several festivals and...
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Black Angel, the long lost short shown with The Empire Strikes Back, is coming to Netflix and iTunes in 2014

Back at the end of 2012, news came that Roger Christian 's long lost short film BLACK ANGEL has been found. Newly restored, the short premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival last week and will now be getting a full digital release via Netflix and iTunes in 2014. The film was long thought lost until the negative was re-discovered recently. Only those who saw the original...
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The directorial debut of Roger Christian that played before Empire Strikes Back, Black Angel has been found

Let's go back to 1980 when STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was first relased in theaters. Now let's get location specific. For those who lived in Europe and Australia and went to see the film, you were most likely treated with a short film that opened before the main course called BLACK ANGEL. This short was the directorial debut of STAR WARS art director Roger Christian with...
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