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Ben Kingsley to voice Bagheera in Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book

When you think of old and wise, you can't do much better than Sir Ben Kingsley . So, when the perfect voice needed to be chosen for the black panther Bagheera, director Jon Favreau went for the man who was not The Mandarin. Kingsley joins the already stellar cast that includes Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, and Lupita Nyong'o as Rakcha, Mowgli's wolf mother....
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Ron Howard takes over directing duties on WB's The Jungle Book

After Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu dropped out of Warner Bros' live action take on THE JUNGLE BOOK, the film has been looking for someone to step behind the camera. The person they selected is none other than Ron Howard . Howard is an interesting selection if only because it seemed his plate was full with his IN THE HEART OF THE SEA, the recently announced drug movie MENA, and his long...
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Disney is developing a new live action version of The Jungle Book

Disney must think that their upcoming live action versions of their classic animated fairy tales are going to be hits because the studio has just started developing yet another of their masterpieces for a new generation. After MALEFICENT with Angelina Jolie and CINDERELLA from Kenneth Branagh , Disney is now bringing THE JUNGLE BOOK back to theaters just 20 years after their last live...
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