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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Jackie Chan

Last week , we took at look at the career of Dwayne Johnson , aka The Rock , one of the more promising new icons. This week’s icon is of a more old-school variety, and one of the absolute greats ... Jackie Chan Like a few other of these columns, this one comes with an asterisk. While I applaud Jackie Chan for still making action movies well into his...
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Director John McTiernan set to direct action pic Red Squad this spring

It's been 11 years since John McTiernan released BASIC, his last film since the long turmoil of a seven-year legal battle began, which ultimately ended in a one-year jail sentence, which he is currently serving. However, the action auteur of such films as DIE HARD, PREDATOR, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, and THE 13TH WARRIOR is not out of the game entirely. McTiernan is expected to...
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Would you watch a TV series based on Act of Valor?

ACT OF VALOR did extremely well at the box office, comparatively speaking, and so it's little surprise that the folks behind it are trying to find something else to do with the property. And that "something else" now looks to be a collaboration in the form of a TV series between Relativity Media, RelativityREAL, and the Bandito Brothers. The three production companies "will work...
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