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Rumor: New Fantastic Four film to focus on Reed and Sue's children

Now, it's inevitable we'll be getting a new FANTASTIC FOUR movie sooner rather than later. With the acquisition of SPIDER-MAN from Sony, MCU is probably salivating at the possibility of acquiring the FANTASTIC FOUR from FOX (who have yet to really start a viable franchise from the property, save the sequel RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER); though, unlike Sony, FOX is dead-set on...
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C'mon Hollywood: Stop judging a movie by its rumor and being a better fan

Last week an article was posted in regards to some alleged BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE screenings that were received with a supposedly negative reception. Since then a furor of Internet rage has spread through the interwebs, inciting a general anxiety about the film and its future franchise potential, based almost entirely on that original report, which is by no means the final...
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Exclusive: (CONFIRMED) Mark Ruffalo's Hulk will return in Thor: Ragnarok

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that this is confirmed, but since they don't feel like we deserve the proper linkage and acknowledgement for first breaking this, I won't be linking to them. I'm sure Marvel will have an official announcement up shortly. THR is reporting the same and giving proper linkage, so here's their confirmation as well. Original Story:...
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Rumor: Marvel may want Kenneth Branagh to direct Thor: Ragnarok

Take this with a grain of salt, but Marvel Studios may be doing the unthinkable: returning to a filmmaker from one of their movies that they ditched for a new, hot, cheaper filmmaker on the sequel. While that may be a bit over-dramatic, there is a rumor floating that Kenneth Branagh may return to the MCU to direct THOR: RAGNAROK. According to Heroic Hollywood's Umberto...
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Rumor: Matthew McConaughey may be the new Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Just the other day , we learned from Matthew McConaughey that he had read scripts for both Marvel and DC projects but was not sure if he was ready to commit to a multi-film franchise. I assumed he was considering lead roles in films so it never once occurred to be that he would be in contention for a villain role. According to unsubstantiated rumors from YouTube's The...
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Rumor: Warner Bros may be pursuing Chris Pine for the Green Lantern reboot

With Henry Cavill , Gal Gadot , Ben Affleck , Jason Momoa , Ray Fisher , Dwayne Johnson , Ezra Miller , and the all-star cast of SUICIDE SQUAD in place, the only two uncast heroes for announced DC Cinematic projects are Shazam and Green Lantern. Since Ryan Reynolds is definitely not reprising his role, the reboot/sequel to GREEN LANTERN will need a new leading man. While we are...
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Rumor: Is Universal Releasing A Namor The Sub-Mariner Movie In 2016?

Universal Pictures recently put a placeholder on the date of Friday, November 4th, 2016, for a "secret" tentpole movie from Legendary Pictures. There are no confirmed details other than its being called an "Untitled 2016 Event Project," and that it's not a sequel or remake; though it may be based on an existing property. So what is the untitled mystery...
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UPDATED: Lindsay Lohan may be up for a role in Ben Affleck's Live By Night

UPDATE: Well, it looks like even the prospect of Lindsay Lohan touching LIVE BY NIGHT is upsetting some people. A source claiming to be close to the production emailed me and emphatically stated that the production is not in the casting stage at all and that Lohan is in no way being considered for any part in the movie. We can all now rest a little easier knowing this rumor is just that....
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