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First Ghost in the Shell footage is ominous & intriguing

The first GHOST IN THE SHELL footage is here! What’re you doing? You’re recording your kid’s ballet recital? Well ignore that shit and watch these clips! She’s not talented anyway! Yes, the first footage is here ( thanks to Twitter ) in the form of a series of disjointed, ominous clips. We here have done you a solid and compiled them all into one video (no...
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New Ghost in the Shell set pics featuring Scarlett Johansson & Pilou Asbęk

Rupert Sanders ' live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL adaptation is currently filming in Hong Kong, and several photos from the production have surfaced online over at HK01 and Apple Daily . In addition to another glimpse at Scarlett Johansson as The Major and the first look at Pilou Asbęk as Batou, the images below also feature some extras and street market locations that give us a...
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Rupert Sanders' Ghost in the Shell adds The Wolverine actress Rila Fukushima

Filming is currently underway for GHOST IN THE SHELL, but apparently the movie isn't done casting yet. Although there's no word on who she will be playing, THR has learned that Japanese actress Rila Fukushima (THE WOLVERINE, The CW's Arrow) has signed on for the upcoming film. Fukushima joins the previously cast Scarlett Johansson , Michael Pitt , Beat Takeshi and...
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Movie in a Nutshell: Snow White and The Huntsman

With THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR hitting theaters today, we take a look back at the first film in this new franchise, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. Recapping the fairy tale shenanigans, we take you from start to finish of the Kristen Stewart led film that takes a new twist on the old story, producing a badass queen out of Charlize Theron, a brunette Thor with an axe instead of a...
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First look at Scarlett Johansson from Rupert Sanders' Ghost in the Shell

Paramount and DreamWorks have announced that filming has begun for GHOST IN THE SHELL starring Scarlett Johansson , and they've also released the first image from the upcoming movie. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN's Rupert Sanders is directing the live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series, which also stars Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) as Kuze, Pilou...
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Beat Takeshi joins Scarlett Johansson in Rupert Sanders' Ghost in the Shell

Paramount and Dreamworks have announced that Beat Takeshi (also known as Takeshi Kitano when directing) has been cast in GHOST IN THE SHELL, making him the first Japanese actor to join the studios' big screen take on Masamune Shirow's iconic sci-fi manga. Scarlett Johansson will lead the live-action adaptation as "an augmented-cybernetic human who is...
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Michael Pitt lands villain role in Scarlett Johansson's Ghost in the Shell

The live-action adaptation of GHOST IN THE SHELL has been in works for some time and despite the vast majority of fans feeling less than receptive towards the project, it seems to finally be moving forward, and very quickly at that. Scarlett Johansson is already set to star in the film as an augmented-cybernetic human who is part of " a task force named Section 9 that...
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Pilou Asbęk signs up for Ghost In The Shell

That live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL film that very few fans seem all that enamored with continues moving forward, and today DreamWorks added another significant piece. Pilou Asbæk has signed on to co-star opposite Scarlett Johansson as Batou, second in command in the army and the best fighter in his covert ops units of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission - a group the...
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Cedric Nicolas-Troyan to direct The Huntsman following Frank Darabont's exit

It was just yesterday when we told you  Frank Darabont had left Universal's planned SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN prequel/spin-off THE HUNTSMAN due to creative differences; well it didn’t take long for them to find a new director. Universal has signed Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, the second-unit director and visual effects supervisor on the original film, to direct THE...
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Frank Darabont exits The Huntsman; Emily Blunt in talks to play villain

It's being reported that director Frank Darabont has left Universal's planned SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN prequel/spin-off THE HUNTSMAN due to creative differences. It's not clear if the studio will still use Darabont's draft of the script for the project, or if Universal will hire someone else to rewrite it. But THE HUNTSMAN isn't dead; according to...
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Scarlett Johansson officially signs on to star in Ghost in the Shell

At this point, Scarlett Johansson has more than proved herself in the action arena with films like AVENGERS and LUCY, all while delivering the dramatic goods in pictures like HER and UNDER THE SKIN. If you ask me, that makes her ripe for the lead role in the live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL film to be directed by RUPERT SANDERS (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN). We had reported back in...
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Scarlett Johansson offered lead in live-action Ghost In The Shell

Based on the 1995 film of the same name (as well as the Manga comic), GHOST IN THE SHELL is the latest anime adaptation in the Hollywood pipeline, with SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN's Rupert Sanders directing. Recently, it was reported that THE WOLF OF WALL STREET's Margot Robbie was up for the lead role of Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg heroine of the series, but apparently...
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