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Pop-Up Movie Facts: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (video)

On the latest episode of POP-UP MOVIE FACTS, we monkey around with some interesting information about the first film in the re-reboot trilogy: RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Most quickly (and unfairly) dismissed this film  when we first hear the news that LANET OF THE APES was getting yet another remake. The bitter taste of Tim Burton was still fresh in our mouthes and we could...
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John Goodman waits out an alien invasion in first look at Captive State

I'll watch John Goodman in just about anything, the man is one heck of a fine actor and can really do it all. Comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, you name it, John Goodman 's done it. One of his more impressive roles of late was that of paranoid survivalist Howard Stambler in  Dan Trachtenberg 's 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, and it seems that he'll be taking a few of those...
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Rupert Wyatt to direct Fox's Exorcist pilot

Adapting a film into a television series, especially one so revered as THE EXORCIST, is a daunting task, but thanks to the success of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, we know that it can be done quite well; unfortunately, the times when those attempts fall flat on their faces more often than not. Fox has had a television-adaptation of THE EXORCIST on the books for some time , but just a...
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Channing Tatum needs a new director as Rupert Wyatt drops out of Gambit

What's going on over at GAMBIT headquarters? First news emerged that Channing Tatum 's deal wasn't as solid as we were led to believe ( it all worked out in the end ) and now Deadline is reporting that GAMBIT director Rupert Wyatt has exited the project. The film was scheduled to start shooting this November but Deadline's sources say that the start date was then...
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Lea Seydoux gets Gambit offer; the role is hers if she wants it

Earlier in the month it was reported that GAMBIT director Rupert Wyatt and Fox had narrowed their list of leading ladies down to Rebecca Ferguson , Abbey Lee, and Lea Seydoux ; now Deadline reports that an offer has been made to one of those three and that the role is hers should she want it. The recipient of said offer, Lea Seydoux . Seydoux would play Bella Donna...
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Rebecca Ferguson, Lea Seydoux, and Abbey Lee on shortlist for Gambit

Now that Channing Tatum has finally signed on to GAMBIT officially, it's time for the studio to narrow down their list of female leads for the X-Men spin-off. Deadline is reporting that GAMBIT director Rupert Wyatt and Fox have a trio of leading ladies testing for the role of Bella Donna Boudreaux sometime next week. Included on the short-list are Rebecca Ferguson, who...
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Channing Tatum has officially signed on to play Gambit

For a moment there last week, it was looking like Channing Tatum was considering leaving GAMBIT. The rumor was talks between Tatum and Fox had gone south, however negotiations were still ongoing, and now THR is reporting that the actor has officially signed a deal to star as the card-flinging mutant in the X-Men spinoff film. But it doesn't appear as if the project was ever...
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Is Channing Tatum about to leave Gambit behind?

It's possible that the upcoming X-Men spin-off film, GAMBIT, may have lost its leading man. The Wrap has reported that Fox's deal with Channing Tatum is quickly unraveling and that the actor may be on the verge of exiting the project.The Wrap's source tells them that negotiations with Tatum are still ongoing but admitted that things weren't going as smoothly as they...
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Gambit will reportedly start production in October with $154 million budget

Showbizz 411 has learned that production will start on Rupert Wyatt 's GAMBIT starring Channing Tatum as the ragin' Cajun this October in New Orleans, while the Louisiana Economic Development’s “Fast Lane” website is estimating that the film will cost $154 million, with $111 million being spent on the Louisiana production, and $28 million of that going...
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes director to helm Channing Tatum's Gambit film

Of all the X-Men stand-alone films heading our way, Channing Tatum 's is probably the one fans are dreading most. Not that Taylor Kitsch did such an amazing job in X-MEN: ORIGINS, but Channing Tatum seems to be a little bit harder to swallow for die-hard fans of the character. In any event, Tatum has stated before his love for the character and his excitement to play him , so...
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Liam Neeson lands lead role in remake of Rupert Wyatt's The Escapist

With it being Neeson Season and all, I guess it's only appropriate a new project is in the works starring the actor. It's being reported that Liam Neeson will star in Legendary Pictures' remake of the 2008 prisoner thriller THE ESCAPIST. The original U.K. film was Rupert Wyatt 's (RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE GAMBLER) directorial debut, and it starred...
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Review: The Gambler

PLOT: A literature professor ( Mark Wahlberg ) finds himself in debt to various underworld figures for $240,000 as a result of his hardcore gambling addiction. REVIEW: Itís always a shame when a film youíve been looking forward to underwhelms. Rupert Wyatt ís THE GAMBLER looked, on the outset, to be exactly the kind of gritty crime drama thatís like catnip to me. I...
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