Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...Chris Hemsworth!

This is Movie Jail, a unique maximum security prison that houses some of the worst writers, directors, actors and producers from Hollywood and beyond. Their crimes? The offenses vary from convict to convict but most of these inmates have contributed negatively to the film world to some capacity* and his or her misdeeds have covered a long enough period of time that the authorities had...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Bad Grandpa, Downton Abbey, Rush ...

This week: Wake the servants, Downton Abbey doth return; Jackass gets geriatric; and Treme bows out. ► DOWNTON ABBEY doesn’t finish its fourth season on PBS until Feb. 23, but if you can’t wait to see how it ends, the whole thing is out on DVD/Blu-ray Tuesday (I don’t get it either,...
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2013 Toronto International Film Festival Wrap-Up and Top 10!

Itís hard to believe but the Toronto International Film Festival has already come and gone. This year marked my fifth trip in a row to TIFF, and I gotta say this may well have been the best year ever for the festival. The first half of it was literally packed with gem after gem, and if you read my reviews, youíll notice I was giving out tons of 8ís, and 9ís, with even a 10 for good measure....
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Review: Rush

PLOT : The 1970ís rivalry of James Hunt and Niki Lauda Ė two Formula One racing competitors Ė is explored in the exciting new film from Ron Howard . REVIEW : Judging from the poster of the new Ron Howard movie RUSH you may suspect that it is all about Chris Hemsworth and his handsome mug. Of course looks can be deceiving as this racing drama is about not one, but two very...
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Review: Rush (TIFF 2013)

PLOT: The real-life rivalry between Formula One racers Niki Lauda ( Daniel Bruhl ) and James Hunt ( Chris Hemsworth ), from their early days on the F3 circuit to the peak of their fame in the 1976 racing season. REVIEW: It's ironic that after a couple of stale years, the movie that rockets Ron Howard back to the heights of his directorial prowess is a car...
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2013 Toronto International Film Festival Preview!

I canít believe itís been a whole year since last yearís edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, but here it is again! From September 5th to the 15th, Iíll be heading to Toronto for my fifth year (crazy how time flies) covering whatís got to be one of the best film festivals in existence. I honestly canít wait. Even though Iíve been plenty, every year feels just as exciting as the...
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The latest trailer for Ron Howard's Rush trades plot details for car crashes and sex

When the previous trailers for RUSH came online, I wondered how well the movie would do here in the U.S. Most Americans don't know anything about Formula racing and tend to gravitate towards NASCAR. Even movies like TALLADEGA NIGHTS and CARS 2 discussed the disparity between the two forms of racing. With that in mind comes this new trailer for RUSH. Coming in more like a teaser than...
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See brief clips of Edgar Wright's The World's End in this summer movies highlight reel

So, this is kind of an oddity. It's a highlight reel of 2013 films, which features a lot of quick cut images from a slew of films that are set to debut this the UK. Most of the footage is familiar stuff from trailers that we've already seen, but the most noteworthy of shots are from Edgar Wright 's THE WORLD'S END. Thus far, we've only seen still images from the pic (and these...
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Poster round-up: Rush, V/H/S 2, Red 2 and Pacific Rim!

A bunch of posters for several upcoming movies have popped up online and now they've all been brought together for one easy viewing experience. First up there's two new character posters for RED 2 from Yahoo! movies featuring Bruce Willis and John Malkovich . The film also stars Anthony Hopkins , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Mary Louise Parker, Helen Mirren , Byung-hun Lee , and Neal...
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New domestic trailer for Ron Howard's formula one racing movie Rush with Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, and Daniel Bruhl

Last week we saw the first international trailer for Ron Howard 's upcoming formula one racing biopic, RUSH, and now we have a finely chopped domestic trailer to accompany it. Whereas the international trailer had a more "action-y" feel to it, this new one capitalizes on the dramatic elements mixed with some rubber-burning tension. The film stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, a...
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Get closer to death and feel more alive in this trailer for Ron Howard's Formula One film Rush with Chris Hemsworth

There hasn't been that many pure racing movies in recent memory. There have been some foreign films such as MICHAEL VAILLANT and INITIAL D but for a country that loves their cars America has ignored racing films lately. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise became more about the action and films such as SPEED RACER and HERBIE: FULLY LOADED don't really count in my opinion. And the less said...
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2013 Universal Pictures Movie Preview!

I love this time of year mostly because it's a "fresh start" to the new year in movies. To that end, we'll be presenting all of the top studios' 2013 movie previews right here, including a picture from each film (if a photo is available), its release date, the plot synopsis along with our basic THUMBS UP ( we want to see this! ), THUMBS DOWN ( we do not want to see this! ) or QUESTION...
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