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Awfully Good: The Brothers Grimsby

Let's kick off the new year by looking back at one of the worst movies of 2016 . Also, Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration is next week, so it seems fitting to feature a film where he gets AIDS.   The Brothers Grimsby (2016)   Director: Sam Firstenberg Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Mark Strong's Fleeting Dignity...
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Sacha Baron Cohen set to bring the illusions as Mandrake the Magician

DOCTOR STRANGE won't be the only magic game in town as The Tracking Board is reporting that Sacha Baron Cohen is attached to star and produce MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN, an adaptation of the classic comic strip by the same name. Created by Lee Falk in 1934, the strip followed the adventures of Mandrake, an illusionist and escape artist with the power to hypnotize his foes. Along...
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Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

PLOT: Alice ( Mia Wasikowska ) returns to Wonderland only to discover that her friend, The Mad Hatter ( Johnny Depp ), is ailing. In order to save him, Alice must travel back-in-time to rescue his presumed dead family, but she’s pursued by a vengeful Red Queen ( Helena Bonham Carter ) and Time-itself ( Sacha Baron Cohen ) throughout her dangerous quest. REVIEW: Was...
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The Mad Hatter meets Alice in this clip from Through the Looking Glass

The sequel to the 2010 Tim Burton film finds Alice ( Mia Wasikowska ) wake up in Wonderland where she must travel through a mysterious new world to retrieve a magical scepter that can stop the evil Lord of Time before he turns forward the clock and turns Wonderland into a barren, lifeless old world. What a killjoy, eh? It was quite a wait for this sequel to finally hit and if...
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New Alice trailer pulls you further Through The Looking Glass

An ALICE IN WONDERLAND sequel is for someone. I'm not sure for who yet exactly, as, even though the first film was a billion-dollar enterprise for Disney, I have always found it difficult to find someone who can lay claim to loving it and wanting more. But here we are anyway, with the follow-up ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS in the can and ready for release this summer. And, even...
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Review: The Brothers Grimsby

PLOT : When a wildly inept football hooligan discovers that his long lost brother is a spy, he attempts to reconnect. In the process, he ends up risking both of their lives as they try to track down a deadly villain. REVIEW : Only a couple of months back, I lambasted the gross out comedy DIRTY GRANDPA. Yet, it had little to do with it being offensive or crude. It had far more to...
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We interview Sacha Baron Cohen about The Brothers Grimsby and more!

Sacha Baron Cohen needs no introduction. The man behind some of the most iconic comedic characters in modern times - Ali G, Borat, Bruno - is in the next stage of his career, which includes crafting new storylines for new absurd personalities. His latest film is THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY which focuses on Nobby Butcher, the beer-guzzling, football-loving hooligan from the town of Grimsby...
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Exclusive: Sacha Baron Cohen's The Lesbian to be a musical

Now that Ali G, Borat and Bruno are well behind him (except for perhaps the random award show appearance), Sacha Baron Cohen appears to be firmly in the business of creating brand new characters and narratives to shock us with. THE DICTATOR was met with mostly mixed reactions, but his forthcoming THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY is sure to be a love-it or hate-it experience. This movie shows you...
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Sacha Baron Cohen describes the time Borat got involved in a porn shoot

It's a little hard to believe, but Sacha Baron Cohen 's BORAT is a decade old at this point, which probably makes sense given the amount of times I've heard people bust out their sub-par Borat impressions over the years. Those who are familiar with the film know that it already contains plenty of outrageous moments, but according to Sacha Baron Cohen , one of the most...
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New clips from The Brothers Grimsby bring both hilarity and pain

We're slightly over two weeks away from Sacha Baron Cohen 's latest offering of comedic debauchery, and while you've probably made up your mind as to whether THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY is going to be your cup of tea, Columbia Pictures have released a few new clips to give you a taste of the upcoming comedy. I'll admit to letting out a few chuckles at several of the gags...
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One pill makes you smaller in new Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer

Tim Burton 's ALICE IN WONDERLAND didn't do a whole lot for me, but I'm obviously in the minority as it made quite the stack of bills for Disney. While Tim Burton didn't return for the sequel, James Bobin (THE MUPPETS) will be taking his place, Disney has managed to gather up much of the old gang for the upcoming sequel, including Alan Rickman as Absolem the...
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Piss yourself with this brand new red-band trailer for The Brothers Grimsby

It's likely that you've already made your mind up as to whether or not Sacha Baron Cohen 's THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY is your cup of tea, but as we're a little less than a month away from the release of the film, Columbia Pictures has released a brand new red-band trailer highlighting the various spy antics and debauchery that Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong will be...
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