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Ryan Reynolds congratulates Wonder Woman for box office victory

DEADPOOL may have shocked everyone by grossing an impressive $363 million at the domestic box office ( $783 million global) , but the Merc with a Mouth just got owned by the badass lady of the superhero world – WONDER WOMAN. The critically acclaimed movie just passed DEADPOOL at the domestic box office ( $368 million ), and actor Ryan Reynolds congratulated the film in the best...
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Rumor: Wonder Woman 2 may take place during the Cold War

If you haven't yet seen WONDER WOMAN, beware of MAJOR SPOILERS . Warner Bros. has got to be pretty damn pleased with WONDER WOMAN; not only is the flick making plenty of money at the box-office, but it has also received the best reviews of the DCEU by far . Needless to say, the studio is keen to get the ball rolling on a sequel to WONDER WOMAN as soon as possible. Development...
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Wonder Woman continues to crush box office expectations with new milestone

Late last month, we reported on the Patty Jenkins -directed solo female superhero stunner, WONDER WOMAN, exceeding box office expectations with over $600 million earned in worldwide receipts. Today, I'm happy to report that the film is continuing to dominate theaters all across the globe and is on track to becoming the highest-grossing film within the DCEU overall!...
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Jared Leto comments on Wonder Woman and Gotham City Sirens role

On Wednesday evening, Joker actor Jared Leto participated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly while promoting the new HBO documentary series, THE DEFIANT ONES. Naturally, the conversation took a turn toward the latest DCEU cinematic success, WONDER WOMAN. When asked about what he thought in regard to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot 's box office smash, Leto said, ...
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Cool Videos: Relive the fantastic end-credits sequence from Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins ' WONDER WOMAN has proven to be quite the win for Warner Bros., in addition to bringing in that sweet, sweet box-office cash , the film has also received the best reviews by far of all the movies in the DC Extended Universe. I found WONDER WOMAN to be quite a lot of fun, right down to its rousing end-credits sequence. The folks over at Art of the Title have...
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Wonder Woman shatters expectations with box office milestone!

There's no doubt about it, WONDER WOMAN is a force to be reckoned with at the box office. As it stands, Warner Bros. and DC's first female super hero solo adventure has been out for less than three weeks and has already gone on to earn $601.6 million in worldwide receipts. When dividing up the earned totals, we can see that, as of this past Wednesday night, $289.2...
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Jon Berg & Geoff Johns talk lessons learned from BVS & Suicide Squad

WONDER WOMAN is bringing in the combined buckets of money and praise the DC Extended Universe sorely needs, and as a result people are wondering if this means a trajectory change from the darker style BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD had, two movies that received critical lashings. Though the game plan hasn’t changed much, there are still lessons being learned from the...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 9-11, 2017

Wonder Woman deflects the competition! For a second weekend, the legendary heroine of DC Comics was on top at the box office as WONDER WOMAN made an estimated $57.1 million ! That represents a drop of only 44% from its opening last week, a hold nearly as strong as the Amazon warrior herself. The majority of big-budget comic book adaptations (even...
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Go, Patty! Oprah & Ava DuVernay do a celebratory dance for Wonder Woman

Since Patty Jenkins WONDER WOMAN solo film opened in theaters this past weekend, the film has earned a total of over $300 million in box office receipts, making it the most successful film to come from a female director ever. Obviously, this is a cause for celebration, and both director Ava DuVernay and media queen Oprah Winfrey are looking to raise the roof for their sister...
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Wonder Woman trailer wins Best of Show at the Golden Trailer Awards

Tuesday night at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California, Hollywood celebrated the very best in motion picture marketing for the 18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards! For the event, over 1,000 studio marketing executives, movie fans, celebrities and trailer editors were in attendance for when trophies in 115 different categories were distributed, with 17 of the top...
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I Want That: Wonder Woman Mezco One:12 collective figure

If you're like me, and have caught yourself a good case of Amazonian fever after seeing Patty Jenkin's outstanding WONDER WOMAN film, this edition of I Want That is going to help ease your jangled nerves while simultaneously helping to add a gorgeously detailed figure to your collection. I am proud to present to you the  Wonder Woman Mezco One:12 collective figure...
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The Wonder Woman creator biopic just lassoed itself a teaser trailer

Last week, we reported on an interactive teaser site for the upcoming WONDER WOMAN creator biopic PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN. Then, this past weekend, a selection of moviegoers who joined the Amazonian warrior princess for her inaugural solo outing were treated to a brief teaser for the upcoming superhero origin story that claims to be unlike any other. As...
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