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Jai Courtney is down like a clown for a Suicide Squad sequel with David Ayer

I don’t think we have to keep talking about the reception to SUICIDE SQUAD. It came out, the reviews were meh, but it still made a butt-load of cash. Now it’s time to talk sequel, and one of the movie's stars is down and ready to get back into the nitty gritty— Jai Courtney . The actor who portrayed the deliriously insane Captain Boomerang spoke with the Happy...
5 days ago
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Could Paul Walker's character return for more Fast & Furious?

While on break from the filming of FURIOUS 7, Paul Walker tragically died in a car accident . The project went on hiatus while they figured out what to do about the remainder of the film and ultimately it was decided that production would resume and keep the sequences Walker had already completed. Paul Walker 's brothers, Caleb and Cody, stepped in help finish their...
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Exclusive: Oliver Stone Tribute (video)

Filmmaker Oliver Stone has never been one to shy away from a controversial subject, whether it be about war (PLATOON, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY), politics (JFK, NIXON) or recent events (WORLD TRADE CENTER, W.). Today sees the release of his latest film, SNOWDEN, which looks to tackle the thousands of classified NSA documents leaked to the press by (you guessed it) Edward Snowden ....
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Cailee Spaeny to star in Pacific Rim 2 alongside John Boyega

I really didn't think that it would happen, but production on the sequel to Guillermo del Toro 's PACIFIC RIM is due to kick off in November. Development on the sequel has gone through its fair share of difficulties, including being shelved altogether at one point, but it's nice to know that we haven't seen the last of del Toro's brand of Kaiju and Jaeger action....
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We Interview Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Quinto & More for Snowden

Oliver Stone isn’t one to shy away from controversial subjects. In his latest, he explores the world of Edward Snowden , a man who is a traitor to some and a hero to others. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Shailene Woodley , Melissa Leo and Zachary Quinto , the film examines Snowden and what lead to him releasing the information he did to the American public. The feature...
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Review: Snowden (TIFF 2016)

PLOT: The true story of Edward Snowden ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ), from his recruitment into the CIA to his eventual leaking of top-secret NSA documents, to his eventual exile and status as one of the world’s most wanted men. REVIEW: SNOWDEN is probably Oliver Stone 's best movie in awhile, but on the whole still lacks the tension or outrage that defined his...
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Ben Affleck doesn't want to be a gangster in first trailer for Live By Night

If you told me a decade ago that I'd not only be looking forward to film starring Ben Affleck but that Affleck also directed said film, I'd probably scoff and go back to doing whatever the hell it was that I was doing a decade ago, which was likely...nothing. After GONE BABY GONE, THE TOWN and ARGO, Ben Affleck has more than earned my attention, both in regards to his work...
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Shia LaBeouf almost made an appearance in David Ayer's Suicide Squad

Shia LaBeouf 's "performance art" may rub some folks the wrong way but at his core, I believe he's a fairly decent actor. After spending time in the realm of big-budget productions like TRANSFORMERS and INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, LaBeouf told Variety that he had sworn off such blockbuster's in the future; however, after appearing in...
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Cool Videos: Jason Statham and Vin Diesel in some furious lightsaber action

It'd be tough for me to come up with a science-fiction/fantasy weapon cool enough to knock the lightsaber off its pedestal, which probably goes a long way towards explaining why I'm such a sucker for these lightsaber mash-up videos. Chances are that you may have already seen what I'm about to share with you as this video from ImmersionVFX was released last year, but if you...
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Weekend Box Office Report: August 19-21, 2016

Suicide Squad is still #1! The team of sundry super-criminals led the box office for a third straight weekend as SUICIDE SQUAD remained in first place with an estimated $20.7 million ! Granted, the latest DC Comics adaptation didn't exactly face much serious competition in August, but the other 2016 releases to successfully hold the top spot for three...
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Ben Affleck's Live By Night may arrive sooner than we thought

I want you to give me all the names of the people who can successfully be Batman AND release a movie they directed, wrote and starred in all in one year. Got the list? Great because there can only be one name on there and that name is Ben Affleck . During an interview with WWD , Elle Fanning —who is starring in Affleck’s next directorial effort, LIVE BY...
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Cool Videos: Suicide Squad sales pitch

There are definitely people out there in the world who take their SUICIDE SQUAD too seriously. They don't want to hear one negative word about the latest DC Extended Universe film, and, if they do, God help you... there will be threats and harassment to follow. I get the feeling those people aren't going to like poking fun at the movie either. Too bad for them. ...
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