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Cool Videos: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg make a short about a Walmart receipt

Finally! Something good has come from Walmart! The chain of stores gave Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg a receipt with 6 items on it and asked them to tell a story using them any way they wanted. What you'll find is something you probably wouldn't expect from the duo who brought us THIS IS THE END and THE INTERVIEW, but is entertaining none-the-less. So if you're feeling in...
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James Ponsoldt is bringing Disney into Wild City

After making his mark on the film industry with a few smaller but incredibly well-received feature films (SMASHED, THE SPECTACULAR NOW and THE END OF THE TOUR), James Ponsoldt is moving up to make a big studio picture, developing a CG-live-action hybrid at Disney called WILD CITY that he'll write and direct.  The film is an original concept concocted by...
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Spectacular Now's James Ponsoldt to direct I Want My MTV adaptation

A24 has announced that they've picked up the rights to Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks' critically-acclaimed 2011 book I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution , and that they have hired THE SPECTACULAR NOW and SMASHED filmmaker James Ponsoldt to write and direct the adaptation. Ponsoldt will also produce the movie with A24 and VisionChaos...
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James Franco to helm true-life stripper tale Zola Tells All

Even if you don't particularly care for James Franco , you've got to respect the dude for never staying still. In addition to his acting roles, over the past five years he has also co-hosted the Academy Awards, directed multiple feature films, published a collection short stories and a book of poetry, and taught a movie class at Palo Alto High School. Franco is currently...
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Sharon Stone the latest to join James Franco's The Disaster Artist

James Franco has assembled a pretty impressive cast for his making-of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM comedy THE DISASTER ARTIST that includes the likes of Dave Franco , Seth Rogen , Ari Graynor and Jacki Weaver , and now THR is reporting that Sharon Stone has been tapped to play a Hollywood agent in the movie. Filming for THE DISASTER ARTIST is currently underway in Los...
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Zac Efron joins Disaster Artist plus 1st pic of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

With James Franco 's directorial effort on the making of THE ROOM beginning production next week, all sorts of casting news has been dropping. Earlier today we learned that Jacki Weaver , Ari Graynor and Kate Upton have signed on, and now we have word that Zac Efron will be joining in on the fun. More impressive, however, is how closely James Franco resembles the self-made...
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Review: Paper Towns

PLOT: After spending a night with the girl he loves, a young man soon realize that she has seemingly gone away for good. Soon, he discovers a series of clues that sets him off an adventure - along with his friends - to find the one that may have got away. REVIEW: There is something sweetly fantastical about the new teen romance PAPER TOWNS - a place on the map that doesn’t exist...
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The Fault in Our Stars writers to pen James Franco's Tommy Wiseau movie

The Wrap is reporting THE FAULT IN OUR STARS writers Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber have been hired to adapt the Greg Sestero book The Disaster Artist. James Franco will direct the film, and also star as THE ROOM writer/director Tommy Wiseau. Sestero's book is about his involvement with the "greatest bad movie ever made," and he'll be played by Dave...
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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller may direct adaptation of The Rosie Project

Do you know what  CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS , THE LEGO MOVIE , and 21 JUMP STEET have in common? With the exception of Jump Street, they were all directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and many thought they all sounded like terrible ideas. Today, these guys and their Midas hands have the trust of suits and more importantly moviegoers; the duo has just signed on to...
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Review: The Spectacular Now

(This film was originally reviewed as part of's 2013 Sundance Film Festival Coverage) PLOT: Sutter ( Miles Teller ) is a high school senior who thinks he has it all figured out. He's ultra-popular at his school, has a gorgeous girlfriend ( Brie Larson ), and a part-time job at a men's store that he loves. He's also an alcoholic, but he'd never admit...
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