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Rumor: Colin Farrell leads Constantine casting for Justice League Dark

While all the focus over at Warner Bros. in their superhero department is on publicly assembling their DC Cinematic Universe, under the radar JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK continues to progress very stealthly. Remember... at one point, this was a project that Guillermo Del Toro was on-board with. But he departed and the film quietly went underground, with the studio looking at whether or not they...
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Justice League Dark reportedly now a priority for WB; may film in 2016

It may have seemed like Warner Bros. had put JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK aka DARK UNIVERSE on the back burner, since we haven't heard much about the project as of late, but according to The Tracking Board , the studio is moving forward with the film with Scott Rudin producing, and is now a priority for WB. Sources tell the site that Rudin has been making updates to the script and...
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Sony picks up rights to Scott McCloud graphic novel The Sculptor

THR has learned Sony has won the bidding war for the movie rights to The Sculptor , a new graphic novel from Scott McCloud. Although best known as a comics theorists and for his books like Understanding Comics , McCloud also wrote the limited series Superman: Strength , as well as 12 issues of DC's Superman Adventures comics. Scott Rudin (STEVE JOBS) and Josh Bratman (FRIGHT...
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Paul Greengrass to direct thriller Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda

There hasn’t been much talk about a new Paul Greengrass project for quite some time; his last release, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS , scored a number of wins critically but it’s been quiet ever since. Reports today suggest the director is now attached to adapt another true story for the big screen with his CAPTAIN PHILLIPS producer Scott Rudin. They will adapt Morten Storm’s...
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Paul Greengrass may direct an adaptation of David Ignatius' The Director

Paul Greengrass is one of those directors that you see attached to several different projects that unfortunately don't wind up panning out. Most recently the director dropped out of Aaron Sorkin 's CHICAGO 7 biopic then it was rumored that he was in line to take on Stephen King 's THE STAND. We've still got no confirmation on the latter. After great success with CAPTAIN...
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