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Steven Soderbergh heads south for movie about the Panama Papers

Steven Soderbergh is one of those directors that for every one "bleh" film he does (OCEAN'S TWELVE, THE GOOD GERMAN) there's about 15 more that are "hmmm, quite fascinating indeed" (please don't make me list all of them). Luckily, it sounds as though his streak with the latter is set to continue as he will be involved with making a movie about the Panama Papers scandal. Hmmm, quite...
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Bradley Cooper hops on Lance Armstrong pic Red Blooded American for director Jay Roach

Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to join RED BLOODED AMERICAN, another in a line of Lance Armstrong biopics. Jay Roach is on board to direct the pic with Cooper possibly producing and starring in one of the two leads; Armstrong or Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate of Armstrong's who outed the defrocked champion. The pic is on the fast track as there are two other Armstrong pics...
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