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Exclusive: We revisit our time talking and movie shopping with Wes Craven

Back in 2011, we had the privilege of spending a good amount of time with legendary horror director and writer Wes Craven at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. During the course of that time, our reporter James Oster aka JimmyO spoke with him about his upcoming sequel SCREAM 4, those who inspired him growing up and the filmmakers of the time that he adored. This is our tribute to Wes...
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Scream television series will have supernatural elements and a fifth movie could still happen

I really thought SCREAM 4 finally killed off the franchise once and for all, but besides an upcoming show on MTV based on the films, it does sound like there is interest in making a fifth movie. Harvey Weinstein was recently at the Zurich Film Festival and made a couple of comments on SCREAM 5 and the television series. Indiewire was there and apparently Harvey Weinstein is...
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