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Saw 8 gets brand new title & release date

Even though we all thought the SAW franchise played its last game back in 2010 a new entry in the series is heading our way, proving once and for all nothing stays truly dead in the film world. To ensure you never forget that again, Lionsgate has just unveiled a brand-spanking new title for their upcoming torture fest – JIGSAW. Formerly known as SAW: LEGACY, a new logo for...
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Why It Works: The Boondock Saints

Why It Works is an ongoing column which breaks down some of the most acclaimed films in history and explores what makes them so iconic, groundbreaking, and memorable. ****SPOILERS AHEAD**** Happy St. Paddy's Hangover Day! If you were in college or high school in the early 2000's, then you probably saw THE BOONDOCK SAINTS when a friend told you about it or you...
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Where It Was Made: The Boondock Saints (video)

We travel to Boston and Toronto to revisit the locations of the cult classic The Boondock Saints, stopping off at many of the well-known on-site locations, such as the Longfellow Bridge, The Trinity Church, The Fairmount Copley Hotel, and more. Plus a special appearance from Clifton Collins Jr. and writer/director Troy Duffy ! Cheers! See previous episodes of Where It...
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Prequel to The Boondock Saints being developed as a TV series

Fans of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS can stop waiting for a third film in the series as writer-director Troy Duffy will instead be bringing you a television series featuring the MacManus brothers. Duffy will team with IM Global on a prequel series which he will write. The news comes during the current hot streak for feature films being adapted for the small screen. There is currently no network...
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Exclusive Cool Video: 15th Anniversary Tribute to The Boondock Saints

This month marks the 15th Anniversary of writer/director Troy Duffy 's THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, the runaway cult hit that's inspired everything from tattoos to t-shirts to copycat films. Itself an ode to the work of Tarantino and those before him, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS was a very troubled production with Duffy seeming to crumble under his own hubris in his rise from a...
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Troy Duffy gives us a title and story for Boondock Saints 3

Fans of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS should have little fear that their trilogy wont' be closed out, as writer/director Troy Duffy recently dropped a title for it; BOONDOCK SAINTS 3: LEGION. According to Flickering Myth , the story will focus on "legions of people taking the law into their own hands and following in the footsteps of the now famous brothers from Ireland." Duffy had this to...
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Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy has lined up his next film and a TV series

If the name Troy Duffy rings a bell, that means you are a big fan of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Or you may just be familiar with his rise and "fall" in the documentary OVERNIGHT. Either way, his story is an interesting Hollywood story that we have heard countless times before. With THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and it's sequel hosting a rabid cult following, news of Duffy returning to direct a third...
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Troy Duffy gives us an update on the third Boondock Saints movie and television series

Sometimes it seems like there's only two types of people in the world: those that really like THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and its sequel, and those that don't. But I fall a bit in the middle. The first one I thought was entertaining, but I didn't think it was nearly as amazing as many loyal fans made it out to be. As for the sequel...well I've seen it once and that's...
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Review: Phantom

PLOT: At the height of the Cold War, the haunted captain ( Ed Harris ) of a Soviet submarine is sent on a top secret mission with a mysterious, hard-line KGB advisor ( David Duchovny ), who seems bent on starting WW3. REVIEW: PHANTOM seems like an odd candidate for a wide theatrical release. A relatively low-budget thriller, itís the kind of movie that would have...
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Trailer for submarine thriller Phantom, starring David Duchovny, Ed Harris, and William Fichtner

Hmmm.  Well, that was...interesting.  The new trailer for PHANTOM, a Cold War submarine thriller starring David Ducovny, Ed Harris , William Fichtner , and Lance Henrikson has, ahem, surfaced, and plays very much like a made-for-cable movie, but with a pretty rock-solid cast.  It's a round-up of secondary stars and character actors, all of which are awesome actors, which...
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