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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Spotlight, Fargo, Secret in Their Eyes

This Week: Spotlight shows why the press matters, Fargo delivers a brilliant second season, and getting seduced again by The Graduate. ► SPOTLIGHT is out the same week it may win Best Picture at Sunday’s Oscars. It’s certainly the one with the best shot at edging out ‘The...
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Review: Secret in Their Eyes

PLOT: A special investigator ( Chiwetel Ejiofor ) spends twelve years investigating the murder of his partner's ( Julia Roberts ) daughter while struggling with unrequited feelings for his boss ( Nicole Kidman ). REVIEW: Hollywood never seems to tire of remakes. For every THE DEPARTED there's a whole bunch of bad ones like Spike Lee 's OLDBOY and now Billy Ray...
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The JoBlo.com 2015 Fall Movie Preview

Now that the bang, pop, and sometimes fizzle of the summer box office is at a close it's time to gear up for the fall roll out, which bears some carry over of summer spectacle, but way more of your golden trophy contenders. This fall sees a number of high-profile titles and we narrowed down our list to the Top 25 that we're most excited to see. From sequels to adaptations to rejuvenated...
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