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Porn website extends offer to the Wachowskis to fund 3rd season of Sense8

Despite an exceptionally passionate fan-base, Netflix wound up cancelling Sense8 after just two seasons, likely due to low viewership combined with hefty production costs. The series, which was created by Lana Wachowski , Lilly Wachowski , and J. Michael Straczynski, followed eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly became "sensates," human beings who...
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Celebrate good times, c'mon! Netflix grants Sense8 a 2-hour series finale!

Hey, raise your hand if you remember when, back at the beginning of June, I said, "My wish, now, is that the Wachowski's somehow find way to privately arrange contracts with the cast, and explore the idea of scheduling out time that would allow for them all to shoot a two hour finale-like film."  Well, guess what, friends? Wishes...
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Sadly, Netflix has canceled Sense8 after Season 2

Unfortunately, Netflix has decided to cancel its all-inclusive sci-fi drama series SENSE8, from Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, after just two incredible seasons. The decision to discontinue the show comes less than a month after the May 5th release of Season 2. In commenting on the cancellation, Netflix VP of original content Cindy Holland...
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A foreboding trailer for Sense8 Season 2 warns that a war is coming

By far, one of my most anticipated series returns of the year is the second season of Lana Wachowski 's SENSE8. This all-inclusive, emotional powerhouse of a program is filled to the brim with high-concept science fiction that speaks to so many of my sensibilities as someone who loves entertainment based on forging lasting human connections amidst plenty of action,...
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The Wachowski's Netflix series Sense8 releases trailer for Christmas special

I am remiss that I have not seen the Wachowski's Netflix series SENSE8, because I am a man who has loved, or at least enjoyed, everything they've done. Yes, that includes SPEED RACER (which I feel will get a revaluation soon), the MATRIX sequels (no, they do not hold a candle to the first one, but I'm still only human, and badass kung-fu car chases and live-action DRAGONBALL...
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The Wachowskis are returning to Netflix for a second season of Sense8

Despite being critically drubbed, the first television series from Lana and Andy Wachowski , Sense8, has been renewed for a second season on Netflix. The announcement came via the Netflix Twitter feed with an announcement from the cast. The news dropped on August 8th which also just so happens to be the birthdate of the eight connected characters on the show. Get it? August is the...
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TV Review: Sense8

Synopsis: One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world, putting them in each other's lives, each other's secrets, and in terrible danger. Ordinary people suddenly reborn as "Sensates." Review : I am a firm believer that a book needs to hold your attention within the first twenty to thirty...
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Get a sense of the Wachowski's Netflix series Sense8 with the first trailer

The Wachowskis haven't quite struck gold since THE MATRIX back in 1999, but that's not keeping the ideas from flowing. While their last film, JUPITER ASCENDING didn't do much for folks, the siblings are taking things to the small screen with Sense8. The story will follow 8 people from all around the world who find themselves inexplicably connected and fighting for survival. To get an...
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Cast and new plot details revealed for The Wachowskis' Netflix series Sense8

The Wachowski siblings' JUPITER ASCENDING has been pushed back until next year, but it looks like things are going well for Sense8 , their upcoming sci-fi drama for Netflix. The main cast for the 10-episode series has been announced, as well as some new information on the mysterious project. Sense8 will have a giant 14-member international cast, and Deadline is reporting...
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Character and plot details emerge for The Wachowskis' Netflix series Sense8

As Andy and Lana Wachowski prepare for the Summer release of JUPITER ASCENDING, they are already at work on their next project, the ten episode Netflix series SENSE8. Previously announced last year, very little was known about the show aside from being a global tale about interconnected characters. That vague plotline drew comparisons to CLOUD ATLAS but now we have a more detailed...
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The Wachowski siblings and J. Michael Straczynski team up with Netflix for new series Sense8

It seems that Netflix is charging full steam ahead on its original series content, enlisting THE MATRIX filmmakers The Wachowski's and writer J. Michael Straczynski for the new series Sense8, which will debut with a 10-episode season one in the "binge" format, where all episodes are available upon release.  The same model was used for David Fincher 's House of Cards and will be...
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The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski are shopping secretive television project, Sense8

This is a project clouded in much mystery, but well worth making mention of. It seems that the Wachowski siblings, also known as the more awesome Wachowski Starship have teamed up with J. Michael Straczynski on a television series titled, SENSE8. There are no plot details since the whole shabang is being kept under tight wraps. All we know is that the series benefits from the...
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