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Trailer for thriller series The Alienist starring Dakota Fanning unleashed

THE ALIENIST is a period-piece/psychological thriller series premiering on TNT, set to be directed by TRUE DETECTIVE's Cary Fukunaga , who was subsequently replaced by Jakob Verbruggen (BLACK MIRROR, HOUSE OF CARDS). It is based on the 1994 novel of the same name by author Caleb Carr , who has been trying to get this project off the ground for awhile now. Here's the official...
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Uma Thurman re-teams with Lars von Trier for The House That Jack Built

Funnily enough, I'm sitting here listening to The Talking Heads song "Psycho Killer" as I prep the forthcoming news that Uma Thurman will be joining director Lars von Trier, once again, for his serial killer thriller THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. Back in 2013, Thurman starred as Mrs. H in von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC - a two-part erotic drama film series. Since then, Uma...
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Lars Von Trier to direct serial killer movie The House that Jack Built

I know Lars Von Trier is a polarizing figure, but I really like his films. I feel like he always adds a personal, psychological layer to his films that elevate them from their initial premises (such as how the plot "couple in haunted house" from ANTICHRIST becomes instead a dark meditation on loss, or how "end of the world" in MELANCHOLIA becomes a personal and...
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David Duchovny hunts Charles Manson in the trailer for NBC's Aquarius

Before David Duchovny reprises his role as Agent Fox Mulder on next year's event series return for THE X-FILES, he will return to network television as a different type of law enforcement for the event series Aquarius. In the 13 episode event series, Duchovny will hunt for none other than notorious killer Charles Manson. Duchovny leads a cast made up primarily of unknowns including...
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Darren Aronofsky may direct serial killer tale The Good Nurse

Darren Aronofsky is one of the most unique filmmakers working today. None of his films are alike and whether the material be melodrama (BLACK SWAN), Biblical epic (NOAH), or fantastical drama (THE FOUNTAIN), he always finds a way to innovate the medium of film. With multiple projects in development, including the HBO series MADDADDAM, the question still remains as to what his seventh...
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James Franco will adapt Chuck Palahniuk's serial killer novel Rant

As a big fan of author Chuck Palahniuk, I am excited to learn that another one of his novels will be adapted for the big screen. As a not so big fan of James Franco 's directorial career, I am disappointed that he will be adapting one of Chuck Palahniuk's novels. But, surprises have happened before and they could happen again. Palahniuk told LitReactor that Franco has optioned the...
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Chilling first trailer for horror remake The Town That Dreaded Sundown

As a fan of horror movies, there are two things I hate: unnecessary remakes and unoriginality. Unfortunately, those are the two most common themes in contemporary studio horror as it is safer to make sequels to movies rather than try to come up with a great new idea. The found footage sub-genre has further degraded the quality of films as the super-cheap filming method has provided...
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Mark Romanek may direct Casey Affleck in serial killer movie Boston Strangler

Mark Romanek , director of ONE HOUR PHOTO and NEVER LET ME GO, is currently in talks to helm Casey Affleck 's long in development movie about the serial killings attributed to The Boston Strangler. Affleck will star in the film and also produce. If Romanek comes aboard this would be his first film in four years. The tone of the film is being compared to David Fincher 's SEVEN and...
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C'mon, Hollywood! Quit using computer generated blood effects!

Nitpicking a film is something that I honestly don't enjoy doing. I hate to ruin a good movie for myself by hating on the small things, but something I always have a difficult time overlooking is computer generated blood effects. While I wouldn't say CGB has ever been the deciding factor on whether a movie was good or not, the fact is when it's used (and noticeable) it...
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Abe, the robot serial killer short film, to become a full length feature

Now this sounds like a cool movie. Imagine a serial killer that cannot be killed and is not even human. That's right: a robot serial killer! Brilliant! MGM has just purchased the rights to make the feature length film version of the short ABE from writer/director Rob McLellan. The short follows the titular robot as he explains his motivations to his latest victim. Taking place in...
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins in Solace

When we first received news about the serial-killer thriller SOLACE it sounded pretty generic and run of the mill. The only things about the film that piqued my interest was the casting of Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell , and director Afonso Poyart had some interesting visuals in his film TWO RABBITS. THR has a casting update as well as a different synopsis that may make...
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Taylor Kitsch to play a sadistic sheriff in Exit 147

2012 was not kind to Taylor Kitsch . You can argue that BATTLESHIP and JOHN CARTER weren't complete failures (when you take in to account their worldwide totals) but I'm sure they haven't given Kitsch's career the boost one normally would get from staring in two big budget films. He's a decent actor and the problems with those movies weren't necessarily his fault, so I'm glad to see he's...
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