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Relive the magic of Baywatch's comedic Slowmo Marathon promotional event

Quick, somebody cue up the CHARIOTS OF FIRE theme song by Vangelis. Oh, but before you do, can you slow is down by about 800% ? There, that's perfect for what you're about to see. On April 22nd, the world was introduced to an evolution in the field of sport. A marathon, but a marathon like no other -  The Baywatch SlowMoMarathon , a grueling 0.3km that must...
2 days ago
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Dwayne Johnson assures it will be boobs & butts galore in Baywatch

This summer will have plenty of lasers blasting, man-spiders swinging, wondrous women and pirates…pirating. But they’ll all lack one key ingredient: nudity – gratuitous, glorious, grand nudity. No movie will pay homage to the human form more than BAYWATCH, the R-rated comedy film based off the show that made running on the beach both slow in motion and all around...
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CinemaCon 2017: Paramount - Transformers, Annihilation, Downsizing & more!

BAYWATCH - At this point you pretty much know whether or not you're going to see BAYWATCH and I'd wager that most of you are. Dwayne Johnson , Zac Efron , Alexandra Daddario , Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra and Ilfenesh Hadera lead the cast and the trailers thus far have done enough to either sell you a ticket or grab hold of your wallet. For my money, I'm all in, as this just...
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Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson go undercover in new Baywatch trailer

BAYWATCH is becoming the movie that’s quickly making me judge my own sanity. The analytical side of my brain says I should hate it and want it vanquished from the earth, while the other side is screaming, “Explosions! Beach balls! Cleavage! I need to go to there!!”  I have no idea how to feel about myself, and this new trailer is not helping matters. Take a look...
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The cast of Baywatch strips down in these new motion posters

Earlier this week, the BAYWATCH marketing departing tossed some character posters our way with the tagline, "Summer is coming." While the riff on Game of Thrones was appreciated, it was the cast in swimsuits that really caught one's attention. I'm guessing Paramount Pictures knows that all too well, as they've released a slew of motion posters that feature most...
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Warm yourself up from the cold with new Baywatch character posters

Anyone who’s seen the trailer for BAYWATCH knows the movie is marketing itself as the next 21 JUMP STREET, taking an old TV show and making it zany and filthy. However, the movie’s true bread and butter is the same as the original show’s: hot slabs of human meat. The likes of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson made waves by showing off their beach bods in slow...
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New Baywatch trailer reminds you this is indeed Baywatch, you p***y

A month or so ago the BAYWATCH trailer debuted, and it either reaffirmed people’s doubts, or surprised viewers with its abundance of humor and potential silliness. Chances are the promotion for the film will gear towards pushing it as the next 21 JUMP STREET, filled with vulgarity and self-referential humor. The second trailer showcases a bit more of the aforementioned naughty language,...
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It's girls, guns and pecs galore in first Baywatch trailer

When you think about the BAYWATCH TV show the brain conjures images of slo-mo running, hot folks and a big dude slapping you in the face for thinking about the show in the first place. Now we have the movie adaptation on the way and it promises much of the same, with the inclusion of massive explosions and broad comedy, as evidenced in the first full trailer for the flick. The film from...
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Life, Baywatch, King Arthur and more get release date shifts

As the holiday movie season chugs on pundits and fans are already making their “most anticipated” lists for the spring and summer movie seasons. However, it’s difficult to make such lists when the release dates for these movies don’t…stay…still . They’re like dogs you tell to stay, but they won’t, and it’s frustrating. Not the...
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Joe Carnahan is the latest to take a stab at cracking Uncharted script

UNCHARTED continues to be the one franchise that Sony would love to unlock, but still haven't managed to put the right pieces in place to make it work. They have cycled through numerous directors and writers in the hopes of cracking the code, but they've all led them right back to where they sit right now - firmly at square one.  But they aren't giving up....
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Baywatch hopes you'll be ready to look at this first official cast photo

BAYWATCH could theoretically work as a feature film.  After all, haven't we learned not to underestimate The Rock Dwayne Johnson when it comes to the entertainment value he delivers in just about everything he's involved in? And after watching him turn out another solid comedic performance in NEIGHBORS 2, this is the type of film that could play right into Zac...
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Pamela Anderson will appear in Dwayne Johnson's Baywatch

Last month we learned that David Hasselhoff will appear in director Seth Gordon 's BAYWATCH, and last night star Dwayne Johnson announced on his Instagram that Pamela Anderson has also joined the cast of the comedy. Anderson played C.J. Parker for five seasons of the original television series, however model Kelly Rohrbach will portray the character in the feature film...
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